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Maka2252 started grow question 5 years ago
Ive started the flush for about a week now. Shes has started to bloom like mad ill post pics in the morning. From these pics and the new ones how much longer does she have? Should i go back on nutes for another week or 2 then flush? Thanks in advance
my first grow Lemon Kush
5 weeks
my first grow Lemon Kush Maka2252
Lemon Kush
13 comments · 5 years ago
Week 7
Techniques. Defoliation
Experimentgreen answered grow question 5 years ago
Hey maka sorry for your plants stresses, I think sticking to regular watering would be a good idea and not to go adding a surplus of newts back on...however if you do want to give your plant something that doesn't typically cause harm and will help sweeten and fatten and does not require being flushed out, you could add 2 tablespoons of molasses to each gallon of water. This may help so she isn't starving but doesnt recieve any additional damage.
Good luck with the finish, Happy Healthy growing :blush:
PharmaZ answered grow question 5 years ago
Hey, the same ExperementGREEN said no more nutes flush and feed molasses if anything. But you will still need to flush after adding molasses as it contains some Mg. Though you could flush for 2-3 weeks with plain PH’d water and just be done with it. You’ve had a learning experience growing for the first time, congratulations. Now it’s time to reflect and figure out where you went wrong to avoid that next time. Although all of us make mistakes, it’s often doing to much to the plant or “loving it to much” that eventually kills it bare that in mind. Good luck on harvest keep us posted
Jeff123fish answered grow question 5 years ago
The plant is clearly telling you something. Based on the burnt leaves and the growth spurt after flushing out what was clearly a toxic salt buildup. I’d let her keep going watering normally no reason to flush out all of the nutes if she’s not done yet and no reason to re add nutes that clearly caused a problem. Those leaves are not from flushing if you want to see a perfect fade check out @hawkbo is doing that guy gets amazing colors out of his plants.
Michka answered grow question 5 years ago
Hello, you should not give more nuts, just give her another week of flush to help those new buds to mature a little and that's all... All the rest is great, good job! Happy growing !