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BigDaddyK started grow question 2 years ago
Is this a mutant 3 leaf er ? Will it die ? Will it be special ? Is she upside down ?
13 weeks
A Xmas MIRACLE BigDaddyK
Lemon AK
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Week 1
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LaBossanova answered grow question 2 years ago
yeah man these things sorta happen you know, sometimes at the beginning of their life some seeds / gens struggle to reach for it you know but they can pull through and live a happy life in their custom homes :ok_hand:
Green_Friends_Inc answered grow question 2 years ago
I second the whorled statement. I've read that attempts have been made to stabilize mutation...

I personally encountee while growing Atomic Bomb by bomb seed co. One of the biggest plants I grew to this day. Main cola was over one ounce I shit you not.

Never seen it happen with the cotyledons though. Mine happened after third or fourth set of leaves and went away after 5 or 6.

I'm definitely interested in finding out what happens with yours @BDK! :)
Removed answered grow question 2 years ago
ive found unstable genetics in a few plants. 1 mutation was when the light was not moved up often enough it grew collapsed where the arm grows out of the stem, each node grew flat with 4 to 5 arms growing from each node, at first i was impressed, but found it hermied n got damp in that area. The mutation affected its natural behaviour when reaching for the light, ideal for low rooms i suppose.
Athos answered grow question 2 years ago
In my last 3 runs, I’ve had the 3 leaf mutation happen twice. Every time, from that node on, every other node had 3 leaves and on those nodes, the plants also had 3 side shots.