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CaptainJimmyStoned started grow question 3 years ago
Are the nutrients that I use ok for the plants ? I use 8ml in total per liter. I water 1lt per da to all 5 plants evenly, and what is collected on the tray, the roots use it I suppose cause they are already in the tray
First time grower N Light auto in airpot
10 weeks
First time grower N Light auto in airpot CaptainJimmyStoned
Northern Light Automatic
22 comments · 3 years ago
Week 5
Plant. Wilting
The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
Well firstly based on what I can see your nutrients that you are using are slightly wrong . When your getting ready to flower you wanna bost the PK of your plants so it helps promote new buds sites as well as facilitate the transition from veg to flower . The reason I say this is based of the pictures I see your plants already showing pre-flowers which means its time to start adjusting for flowering . I might also suggest that you defoliate your plant taking away all the leaves and lower bud sites that wont get enough light to fully develop . This will kick your plant into over drive making the current bud sites you have forming even bigger and form faster . It will also help provide an even canopy so your plant will grow evenly . So all in all I would switch your nutrient line up to a more bloom oriented formula and water them less give them more water at once but don't water them every day this will help your plant go through what people call a dry phase making the roots expand even more because they are looking for moisture . I hope this information helps you ! -Happy Growing!
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Dont agree to Mr. Lothbrock, your Nutrients are good, your Plants still inTransition and stretchin, in this case they will need the NItrogen ( Biogrow) maybe 1 or 2 times more . BUUUUUT not so much Of Biogrow....8ml is way to much !!!!If the Stretch is over you should skip the Biogrow and just giving Blooming fertiliser in a low dosage. When you see nice Responds you can get a higher Dosage in P+K. ( Blooming Fertiliser)
And I wont Defoilate an Automatic Plant.... the Lifecircle is too short for defoilatiing. She gets stressed and want to grow all the leaves again and the energy goes into leaves and not Flowers But you can do some Leaf-Tucking, Look if flowers arrive, which leaves are blocking the Light to the Flowers. and you can pick every time just a few leaves. More additions in the Comments.