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OGslim420s started grow question 3 years ago
Got any tips or tricks on making ur own strain?? thinkin bout wippin up a pure sativa.:100::fire:
OGslims 4th Grow
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OGslims 4th Grow OGslim420s
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Techniques. Defoliation
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! You are thinking about breeding a 100% or mostly sativa dominant strain in the futur and it can be a great idea but everything depends on your goal. Breeding is a simple thing , you get a 10 pack of regular seeds( more is better for a good selection but your growing area surface will be the limit ) you grow them until inducing flowering , you select the best male and the best female and you "chunk" the male pollen on a female flower to polinate it , once done you'll get perfectly formed seeds 4 weeks later. The best option is to grow male and female in separate space as soon as the sex is showing up to avoid a spraying pollen on every single female and also to be able to harvest the pollen of a specific male to polinate a specific bud on a specific plant ( generally the lower stems are used to make seeds over the bigger buds if you need to produce seeds + harvest the upper buds to smoke ).
The second option is to reverse a female by spraying a solution made with silver like a STS solution ( silver thiosulfate solution ) or with some coloidale silver but to know the good way to mix and spray those products I recommend you to go on google and search for it because the subject is pretty simple and long to explain. Once you reversed feamle start to make pollen you do like I told you before and 4 weeks later you'll get 100% female seeds ( if you did not used an hermie in your cross ). Now you know how to cross regular and 100% female seeds you will have to know what to cross and it's the tricky part : You want a pure sativa then cross 2 pure sativa strain together and you are suposed to obtain a 100% sativa cross if the strain are stabilised by cubbing / inbreed line / Hairloom then you will obtain a 100% cross but if you are using a mostly sativa F1 hybrids then the cross could be more indica than you could imagine due to recessiv genes that can take the lead on the 1st gen trait so the lineage of the strain you will choose to make your own seeds is a crucial information for you. To be short I'll say that breeding is a big long subject that require more than just a few tips to be fully understand the the best I could recommend you is to make a lot of google search about cannabis breeding , to search for infos on forums such as ICmag and once it will be done to really thing about how you will proceed. I hope it will help you :grin::+1: (ps : take a look at my Home breeding diary and my actual home cross diary with my own cross in it )