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Mrs_Larimar started grow question 3 years ago
Hello all Horticulturists, Iwant to do an Outdoor scrog, who has good Ideas, Photos, Links for that=? I was looking but did not find the right one. And who got Experience with Polytunnels... want to buy some for autumn. Solid and stable ones. Thank you
SHAMAN - Dutch Passion
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SHAMAN - Dutch Passion Mrs_Larimar
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Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there! The reason you do not see much scrog setups outdoors is like Athos said the sun it just as strong at all places. but If you want to do it no harm it would alow that light to the areas a little easier without doing that much other tricks. Most people just top and train. But I say if you wanna do it go for it!! It would be cool to see I have not seen one yet. As for the polytunnel I don't have a store bought one but i made one out of my old swing set from when I was a kid. They work great but the only thing is the plastic almost needs to be replace every year. Sometimes you can get to but I just buy a big role of the thickest poly I can find and use that the role are huge so it does't cost that much when you do need to replace the poly. They are worth it in my opinion. just don't spend to much on a poly one if it is very pricey look into making one with PVC or combination of PVC/wood Happy Growing!!:pray:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Not much sense in scrogging when growing outdoors, since the sun intensity will be the same no matter the height difference of the buds. I would just TOP. I have not used polytunels, but I have used plastic greenhouses, depending on your climate, you can run into humidity issues late into flowering.