i am very seriously wondering about this canuk aut...

Chaos85started grow question 5 years ago
i am very seriously wondering about this canuk auto does anyone know of any auto to wait this long before preflower not very experienced with autos any help is greatly appreciated
Week 7
Techniques. Defoliation
Chi_Town_White_Boyanswered grow question 5 years ago
I think you have to switch to 12/12 on these. Critical Jack looks like its in preflower and there's a likelihood that Cheese didn't react well from topping/defoliation. I had it happen before with my Blue Dream. If these are isolated together (CJ + Cheese), I'd say go 12/12.
grzesiekanswered grow question 5 years ago
just dont grow autoflower.....................................period............................
CRiSPrGrowanswered grow question 5 years ago
there's a bunch of things happening slowing that baby down, first of as many have said, you're stressing her with HST even defoliation is HST to a plant - think about it you're ripping her apart after all ! Second i see you're on 12/12 from seed or 24/7 ... not sure which is which but both of these set ups will slow down an auto, plants need some dark period during veg simple as that - when i shifted from 24/7 to 18/6 my plant blew tf up ! third thing is that the night time temps are cold for these canabis plants, cold temps will slow down growth - simple as that ... my auto went 25 weeks in 2-6 °C temps. Finally you probably want to raise that solution temperature, again it's shocking the roots and holding back the plant. Lights and temperatures bro, that's what you need to fix. Hope this helps ! 🚀
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Mrs_Larimaranswered grow question 5 years ago
If you defoilating , the plant reproduces the leaves. And the automatic too, she puts all her energy into rproducing leaves, and not into producing flowers. She will come to flowr if you stop defoilating
Athosanswered grow question 5 years ago
The canuk was mature enough to flower weeks ago. It should have gone to flower after opening the 5th node. I would induce flowering by going to 12/ 12.
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MUDBUGanswered grow question 5 years ago
If you have been on 24 lights and shes showing flower its a auto photos wont flower under 24 hours i would go 18-6 then go 24-0 in flower you slowed her down by defoliation stress she will get going 👍👍✍️✍️✍️
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