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Budcrack started grow question 3 years ago
Hi! I want to ask you guys to look at my plan and give your thought's and suggestions on it? Sorry for the long read, i tried to be detailed on it. I hope it's worth the effort. Thank you very much in advance for your input!
Bruce Banner (Hempire Seeds), 9x8=72(-1)
19 weeks
Bruce Banner (Hempire Seeds), 9x8=72(-1) Budcrack
Hempire Bruce Banner
67 comments · 3 years ago
Week 1
Techniques. Defoliation
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey there budcrack hard to input based on a plan, but what i can see straight away is that you're not optimal on your vapour pressure deficit, VPD. VPD basically regulates the metabolism of the plant and if you want to optimise your grow time especially veg time, you'll want to tune that in. what you want to do right away is to get the humidity up and temperature about 1°C lower by using a dome, or a PET bottle cut in half over each of the seedlings to keep the moisture in. i see you're using coco nutrients and bloom boosters on day one... why? dont do that bro, you're gonna stress or maybe even kill these seedlings like that. Right now what you want to be doing is promoting ROOT growth, how ? kelp extract and micronutrients... combine them in a foliar spray spray once every 2 or 3 days until dripping wet for the first four weeks or so. that will help keeping the humidity up at least a bit as well. you're already using vitalize, which can be part of that spray... I see you got those LEDs and spectrums tuned in real nice : warm white is perfect, you got it ! a few last things ... your lamp to plant distance should be no more than 12 inches, currently you're at 17+ dial that in otherwise your plants will stretch all wrong. 7 PH is actually way too high ! what's the PH of rain water? 5.5 why is that important ? different nutrients get absorbed at different PHs, you want to lower the PH to at least 6 or even 5.8 if you can. i know it's a lot, but that's my best advice ! hope this helps ! :rocket:
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there so first thought with the mainlining and leaving the popcorn sites available...i think you might find the main sites will be more dense and possibly bigger if you'd eliminate the larf on the bottoms...just personal experience and opinion...if I'd removed those spots my main colas would have been even stronger.
I understand your stress on being off your areas grow timeline, and if it is a bit hot, why not make use of a air conditioner this one time? Not only to cool down the heat, but adding that very cold temp while flowering can help with color and other aspects of the grow, trichromes, terpenes etc... then eliminate it next season if its not helping. But at the very least it could help cool during the peak hours. Also if temp is a problem and it takes away grow months, possibly get some seeds designed to handle high heats etc. My shaman is an outdoor strain and she handles 100 degree temps like a champ.
Lastly you seem to have it pretty dialed in, but 5 weeks time isnt bad, but if you could even just push to 6 weeks i think the end result would be just a touch better and hopefully get you towards your 672 mark or higher...again removing the bottoms where the popcorn collects may help this too.
Happy growing, i love seeing people who have a plan. Because time spent planning is not time wasted.:v::green_heart::seedling:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
They look great, although there's two things I want to point out. They are stretchy, try puting them closer to the light. Second, you are feeding too early, you risk burning them, diecisiete if you are going to transplant them to 11 liter pots later, let them feed on the soil.