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ReinDeer started grow question 3 years ago
I finally harvested my plants and I am so excited about the quality and quantity I acchieved. Now the buds are curing. However they are a little too dry, the humidity is now 53% and it is falling slowly. What would be the best solution?
Northern Light first timer
13 weeks
Northern Light first timer ReinDeer
Northern Light Automatic
29 comments · 3 years ago
Week 12
Techniques. Defoliation
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey there ReinDeer, congrats on the harvest my friend ! so one thing to remember about the cure is that it will end when the bud's humidity reaches 50%. Don't worry though, the "outside of the bud" humidity and the "inside of the bud" humidity are different actually, and the inside humidity is what is important and will be higher than the outside one. Commercial growers will break up the bud and have a special machine that can measure this precisely. What you can do if you think the humidity is too low is to burp or inspect the bud less often say every two or three days instead of every day the first two weeks, then once a week then next 3-4 weeks. Another thing you can do is the boveda packs 58 or 62 % . Some growers leave the stems in or add some fan leaves in there to keep the humidity up. I've seen some folks add orange or lemon peel in the jar aswell , but i'm too worried about contamination to do that myself ! in fact you're probably okay as it is, and boveda packs are probably your best solution, some folks say it could lead to loss of taste, but i've never had any problems at all with them ! anyway hope this helps ! :rocket:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Get something called boveda pack 62. They will regulate the humidity to the optimal value for curing. Look for them in Amazon