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AlienScrOG started grow question 4 years ago
u much plant? 4?... viparspectra 450.? .200w actual... are they enough?
60cm x 3 1
19 weeks
60cm x 3 1 AlienScrOG
+1 strain
6 comments · 3 years ago
Week 4
Techniques. Defoliation
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
Ciao AlienSCROG ! sorry I'm not italian, but i'll try to help ! so to calculate the amount of light you need : step 1 . calculate the area of the canopy (in usa square foot) then divide by 4 (4 sq.ft. per plant) Step 2 . multiply that number by 65 watts yep ! simple as that ! Step 3. divide that number by your light power. so for you : Step One : 4x4 (1.2meter square) =16 & 16/4 = 4 Step 2 . 4x65W = 260 Step 3 = 260/200 "actual watts" = 1.3 viparspectra 450... so some people use 50W per square foot instead of 65W... with 50W you get 4x50w = 200 actual watts = 1.0 viparspectra. So it's okay ! hope this helps my friend ! :rocket:
BloodBath answered grow question 4 years ago
Im italian lol but i cant speak it well. Bulbi has this one covered. Take his answer and run with it! Having enough light is probably everyones biggest issue lol. We can never have too much. I also run a viparspectra but the 600W and I love that thing for its price. I have since moved on the bigger and better lights but I still use the Viparspectra alongside my other lights. 400W will get you a nice 4x4 cover and 600w will cover close to 5x5. Good luck my friend.

hope that link helps out. It is the same info that Bulbi gave just with pictures and what not.