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BarrieGrower started grow question 3 years ago
I have a question, when finishing veg and getting ready to flip to 12/12, should I flush or is this just a hydro thing? any input would be appreciated.
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Fun_Growin answered grow question 3 years ago
You should never have to flush unless your are over feeding.. if you have planted in an Amended soil like Fox Farms offers and many other brands you more than likely won’t have to feed at all during flower unless you have over 600 W worth of light. You can always follow
Making sure to renew your microbes every 7 to 10 days,Keep notes and adjust as needed I will tell you I see very very very few people not give their plants enough nutrients I see many new growers giving them too much. Too much will kill them, too little you can feed them a little and They will be fine in a couple days.
Hope this helps
FYI: that info is very opposite anything elese your likely to hear, but I assure you it is accurate
Michigander answered grow question 3 years ago
In order to determine if you actually need a flush in soil, start by testing your PH.

1. Test your PH, before you water.
2. Water until you have 10-20% runoff.
3. Test the runoff PH.
4. If the difference is more than a half of a point, consider a flush. If it is more than 1 full point off, a flush could be very helpful.

So if you put PH 6.0 water in and get PH 5.2 out - you probably need a flush, but if the runoff is PH5.6 or close to what went in, you can wait until your last few weeks of flower. If it comes back at PH 4.8, I would flush, as your buildup is too high.

The final flush 2 weeks before harvest is the most important, to rid nutrient build up and prevent it from harsh-ing up your final buds.
Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey BGrower! No need to flush going into the flip to flower. You should only flush if you have used to many nutes, or have a big salt build up and end of flower if you flush before harvest.. Just Follow the Nutrient brands Feed chart on what you should be giving them and you good to go, Always go less strength with the nutes than the brand states always easier to add more than deal with nute burn hope this helps! Happy Growing:+1:
Adisan answered grow question 3 years ago
When you switch to flowering, you should switch your nutrients accordingly, for ones for bloom. You don't need to flush at this point, let plant to use all remaining nutrients in medium. Hope this answer your question. Happy growing ;)