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Reaper started grow question 3 years ago
i got root rot (see pics) and the feeling i give too much nutrients. i use “ATA Calmag” wich has a npk of 6-0-0 i just got the GHE calmag
il go with that next waterchange. as u can see i got a litle (N) problem, am i giving too much nutes or is this because of that ATA calmag?
DWC: Critical Cheese autoflower
4 weeks
DWC: Critical Cheese autoflower Reaper
Critical Cheese Automatic
10 comments · 3 years ago
Week 3
Techniques. Defoliation
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Your Ec is fine , I mean not too high and your cal mag is giving extra nitrogen so the issue you could have is a Nitrogen abundance but your leaves does not seems dark green so I guess it will be fine as your new cal mag will not provide that much N. Concerning your root rot I can't tell you exactly what did that but I can tell you that 17°C for a day temps is way too high and will stunt your grow , I guess that your water temps should be the same ( a bit low ) and your night temps must be lower :sweat: you should find a way to reach higher temps during day time and night time and check your water temps to know if you need an aquarium tank water heater or something like that :blush::v::skin-tone-3: