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Mahalo started grow question 3 years ago
Does anybody have experience with Collodial Silver? I'm thinking about turning this little plant into a hermaphrodite, maybe I can at least harvest some seeds this way instead of harvesting just 1 popcorn nugget. Is this plant too small, or not? What do you reckon/recommend?
Stress Killer CBD [Autoflower]
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Stress Killer CBD [Autoflower] Mahalo
Stress Killer Automatic CBD
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Techniques. Defoliation
vishnudass answered grow question 3 years ago
Dude, I use "Low Temp at Night" method to get some seeds from autoflowering Hindu Kush. On the Flowering time The Temperature at day 26 - 28 'C, but at night count downt to 7 'C Plant think it's winter coming and gave me 11 seeds, helthy brown seeds. And they autoflowering too.
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Yes I have that type of experience ! Mostly with Silver thiosulfate solution than with colloidal silver but it's only because if more effective. I found out that colloidal silver could require some adjustment in the ppm level to be effective on some strains. At that very moment your plant is too small to reverse juste a part of it , it is possible but you will have high chance to makes the whole plant turn male. Btw it will only be an hermies if you are spraying an hermie but a real female will give you female pollen by that way. I post a link to the STS formula in the comment section and by reading the comment on the link you will be able to have advices and comparison with colloidal silver :blush: