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QualityBudMan started grow question 4 years ago
Still a few weeks out from harvest. But whats your trimmimg/drying/curing technique? Anyone ever "wash" their buds? Cut branches or hang entire plant? Also tips on things to do with sugar leaves and trimming.

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Diesel Fuel!! QualityBudMan
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HighTV answered grow question 4 years ago
If you are looking for suggestions for sugar leaves and trim then look no further than Dry ice hash! I tried it on my last harvest and was shocked at the results and the best part is that its cheap!! You just need some bubble bags and 3 pounds of dry ice. I spent 20$ on the bags (that last for years) and 1.50 per pounds of dry ice. Check out my Granddaddy Purple Diary video to get an idea of what it looks like. :facepunch::facepunch: Bud washing is a fantastic process that can help with light powdery mildew or general dust and debris especially indoors when you have animals! I personally don't buy into the lemon water theories, but with normal water it a solid method. Check out Jorge Cervantes video on it here ----

Hope I helped friend, best of luck! :sunglasses:
Stick answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi @Slammer88! Regarding the drying process: I do it stem by stem, because having the whole plant is more likely to attract mold. Both drying & curing implies a dark place. You will need an average RH (40% - 50%) and an average temperature (20° - 22°) so your buds can dry slowly but surely. A continuous airflow (in/out) is also highly recommended but the breeze should be cool & calm, avoid direct fan wind on the buds at all costs. After a few days (7 days is a minimum), try to bend/writhe some stems, if they're snapping/breaking, you're good to go, you can move your buds to their final container (usually glass jar...). If the stems still bend, this means your buds still contain moisture so you should wait a few more days. Don't fill the jars to the top, give the buds some air, for the moisture to come out, and open the jars everyday for ~2 weeks, then once a month. Curing usually lasts for 1 to 3 months. Remember to inspect your jars for mold and open them to freshen the air as explained before. Be warned that 'Boveda Packs' contain some weird chemicals and are not always necessary, if drying was done correctly. About the trimming waste (sugar leaves), you can make some cannabutter out of it, it's easy and your friends will appreciate. You can also have some scissor-hash joint while you do the trim, just collect the pollen from your fingers+scissor and enjoy the first spliff from your plant. Hope this will help, happy growing! :facepunch:
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
Hey there since you grew inside and didn t use any pesticides there's no real reason to need to wash the buds, but basically when you wash the buds off with water nothing bad happens to the trychomes as they are quite good at protecting themselves and sticking on the plant. Then there's the water curing which is submerging the buds in water, and changing the water every few hours for two days. Surprisingly this works very well for the cure, then you just dry them normally, 4/5 days or until they are ready. Smooth smoke, but it's too scary for me. I time the chop after 12/14 hours of dark and so that they are not too dry not wet because I have 35/45 humidity here, say two days after the last watering, then hang them up whole so that the photosynthesis chemicals can go into the stems and larger fan leaves, helps with the taste ! after that i usually trim and make the buds look nice - tbh if the sugar leaves are mad frosty i'm leaving them on, the trim i just dry quicker and use it while the rest is curing. Then it's straight into the miron glass curing jars. Fully remove the bud from the miron glass jar and inspect it daily for a week then add boveda packs 58 or 62 % inspect daily for another week, then inspect weekly. four weeks of weekly inspection and the taste will be all smooth no burning leaves smell at all. once the humidity of the curing container hits 50% curing is over, so make sure you stay on top of that if you want a longer cure. Check out the miron glass, it really helps cure the trykes imo - let me know !:rocket:
OutForReal answered grow question 4 years ago
Hello ! So yes you can wash your buds but I would note recommend it due to the extra care during the 1st stage of drying because of a possible mold/bud tog issue so the airflow need to be constant in the drying place.
The place you will chose to dry must be dark and without an high RH . You can cut branches of hang the entire plant , if you cut branches then the drying process will be quicker than with the entire plant so be sure you humidity level is not too low to avoid a quick drying and a possible chlorophyll/harsh taste.
Also 2 way to trimm your plant , wet trimming will be a bit more tricky than dry trimming because the trichomes will stick on the scissors and will make you clean them frequently, the dey trimming with the proper dryness is easier (to me).
With your sugar leaves you can make hash with a bubble bag but the most simple is to make a canna butter ( Google will help to find a recipe).
Concerning curing , when you'r buds are dry and trimmed then jar them and open the jar during 15 min every day for 15 days to a month at least then open them 5 to 15 min every weeks or 2 weeks.
I hope it will help you :grin::+1: