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Growingrowingrowinrawhemp started grow question 4 years ago
Why is the plant so small still? Even with healthy root growth and new leaf formation?
2019 Afghan Auto
7 weeks
2019 Afghan Auto Growingrowingrowinrawhemp
Afghan Kush
7 comments · 4 years ago
Week 2
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The_Projexx answered grow question 4 years ago
Based on the stats that I see posted , I would say that's a genetic trait . Sometimes autos remain small that's a disadvantage that you get when growing auto's because essentially they don't really have time to veg you don't get to control the grow as much as you would like in that respect . How ever with this being said you are just starting flowering and your plant will stretch for the first 2-3 weeks then start to fill out . I wouldn't worry about not having well say 8 tops because the tops that you do have will form big monster flowers so the harvest will be decent regardless . Also your light may have been and still be to far from your plants . I dunno if your running HID or LED but if you have a good ventilation system and your lights not getting to hot I would advise you get it closer to your plant at 250 w its not a whole lot of light , yes you can get great results but you need the light to be a bit closer so your plants get the photons they require. Other then that your plant looks happy and healthy . I hope this information helps you understand autoflower genetics a bit and the importance of having your light at the proper height . -Happy Growing!
Stick answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi @Growingrowingrowinrawhemp :wave: If you’re confident about your solution/feedings and your environment stances, then it’s probably genetics. To avoid such nightmare I like to proceed to seedling selection, I drop multiple seeds and only keep the strongest one. I see it’s your first diary in here, is it your first grow using this light? What model of light are you using? This factor could be involved, but I don’t have enough information to confirm. Keep us updated and happy growing :facepunch:
KrautFabrik answered grow question 4 years ago
- your humidity is really low! You need at least about 50%, best is 70% at seedling stage.
- check the ph its in 90% the problem.
- if you use roi water you need to add cal/mg

Best wishes :v: