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QualityBudMan started grow question 4 years ago
First time popping regular how soon will i be able to sex? And anything to look for besides ball sacks? . Also ever had mutants (3 leaves)?
Pineapple on the Reg!
5 weeks
Pineapple on the Reg! QualityBudMan
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8 comments · 4 years ago
Week 1
Techniques. Defoliation
OutForReal answered grow question 4 years ago
Yes I had 3 leaves on my candy caramelo but after the 2nd node it came back to the regular shape , the same happened to @BigDaddyK with a lemon Ak if I remember well and it switch to the original shape but sometime it can grow with 3 stems at every nodes until harvest ( if you type " cannabis 3 leaves mutation " in Google then I recommend you the sensi seed bank link that explain the phenomenon. Now for the sexing I know 2 method , the classic one is to switch into 12/12 when desired then wait for the 1st signs of sex during the 2 first weeks of flowering and generally the male are showing sex 1st ; the second method is the sexing during the veg : you need the roller ad a paper towel , you take it and put it on a branch to block light, you put a dark tap on the top and you wait for 2 weeks , the part that can't see the light will show their sex thinking that the light schedule is changing but it will happen on that branch only but this method require to wait until you have a branch to cover :blush::+1:
LongJohn420 answered grow question 4 years ago
switching to 12/12 light cycle about week after should be showing if males and females after. Also males tend to be little taller than bushier females in veg.
Yep had mutant leafs sometimes they go away but sometimes occur somewhat random places. But don't worry about those.
souljasam answered grow question 4 years ago
I've never had a mutant like that before but I've seen other people have em. Sometimes it stays that way the whole grow and other times it goes away after a few nodes. It is interesting, to say the least. As far as sexing goes there are a few ways to do so. number one and the easiest but least convenient is to just flower the plants when you normally planned to slower them and then get rid of males as they show up. This takes more time and if you wind up with a bunch of males can be a waste. Option 2 is to take clones around week 2 or so and root em(takes about a week). You should be able to do 12/12 from the start of the cloning and find out the sex in a couple weeks. This requires more space and another area with no light leaks, but saves time and lowers the risk of pollination vs if you used method 1 and didn't catch a male fast enough. Option 3 is to veg the plant long enough for it to reach maturity and show preflowers. They are kind of hard to see but if you use a magnifying glass or a cheap phone camera macro lens its easy. This method takes the longest and is the least reliable but is the safest to not have any pollination happen.