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Masryflip started grow question 3 years ago
Wanted to know when is the best time to defoliate. As well what is the best practice ?
21 weeks
Robin Masryflip
Royal Gorilla Automatic
40 comments · 2 years ago
Week 14
Techniques. Defoliation
souljasam answered grow question 3 years ago
I generally defoliate right before I flip to flower to clean the plant up and ensure good airflow. I also strip the bottom 1/3rd of the plant of all growth as during flower that growth won't really develop very well. I defoliate again at day 21 of flower again making sure there's plenty of airflow and making sure no bud sites are covered. Any growth that looks really small and underdeveloped I will strip off the bottom of the plant for the same reason as before. After this last defoliation, you should wind up with a nice canopy that has all the bud sites exposed and a lot of space for air movement between the buds to help prevent mold and other moisture related issues.