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Weeleezxc started grow question 3 years ago
One of my branches snapped when the light dropped.. So far it's recovering well but will it affect yield by much?
BB Kush first trial
6 weeks
BB Kush first trial Weeleezxc
Blackberry Kush
6 comments · 3 years ago
Week 1
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Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey, i think plants are a lot stronger than we realize at times, especially if you are keeping them healthy. I think this plant will bounce back, no damage looks too severe. If there are any broken spots you could try to cast them with some tape. The last thing, I think every grower should be making sure their plants are getting is a silica product...potassium silicate etc. This helps build strong stalks and overall more resilient strong plants whether a dropped light, heat, drought you name it. So consider adding in a silica product with all your plants if its possible.
Happy growing :v:
Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
Heyy! Nothing to worry about it will recover and some times the come back with a vengeance to prove they are worthy lol. Luckily it happen in veg. it gives her plenty of time to recover. If the branch is not completely snapped you can make a "bandage" or cast to keep it in its place and it should heal right back up. If it has snapped completely off well then nothing you can do so don't stress over it you can use a branch below or next to where the snapped off one is and train that on to kind of grow up in its' place. If you check out my Super Silver haze diary i had almost the exact thing happen but i did not kno the branch was broken so i went to do a little LST on it and I just snapped it clean off. but the other branches have grown out like crazy so it an example of how yours might bounce back mine looked very similar to yours in the pic right after being snapped. Only difference was mine was topped an it was one of the top branches:weary: Hope this helps ease your mind:+1: Happy Growing!!
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey wheelee, I had the same thing happen to me - was watering and accidently "snapped" a branch, but not clean off so I made a "cast" out of duct tape, that cola is now doing fine. If you're not so lucky and the branch broke clean off then what you can do is bandaid the wound to prevent diseases from coming in - but not much else unfortunately. If your cola broke off then your yield will suffer by that much, but shouldn't be too bad: the energy will go into the remaining colas making them fatter and the secondary colas are smaller than the main one anyways. Hope this helps ! :rocket: