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GreenStart2019 started grow question 3 years ago
Day 4 - MAJOR issue discovered this may be the end for this little girl. Basically I thought the issue might be there was a small amount of seed membrane left on the tip, so I moistened and then attempted to very gently remove It, as soon as I touched her I knew something wasn't right below her tiny stalk was barley attached to the soil I very gently moved a small amount of soil around her and noticed there was a large chunk of very dense woody organics from the soil stopping the root completly. This thing was so intertwined that I couldn't break it apart with my fingers. I was forced to take her out completely, this is the first time I saw the root, I germinated directly in soil so the tap root "developed" under the soil it wasn't much longer than 3 CM.

Replanted her securely with free no obstructive soil the tiny root. Let's see what happens , but I suspect with the incredible stress of the whole situation she may not make it and if she does I am sure this will impact the overall lifetime health
Very First Grow ! :)
1 week
Very First Grow ! :) GreenStart2019
Sour Diesel Autoflowering
3 years ago
Week 1
Plant. Twisted
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
You have 50/50 chance. She is young so she can recover from that 1st massive stress by herself but on the other hand the shock could have harmed the root zone and the water absorbing so it could die because of it. The only advice I can surely give is to wait a week and see , if after 7 days she remains the same then no need to loose more time and it will be time to pop another seed
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there, I've had some similar obstructions and sometimes successful moving of whatever was blocking the tiny sprout. It may be that she'll be a runt for a while and the best you can do is give her the best environment possible and pull through. But for the future, it's insane the things these plants and seedlings can do, whether planted upside down and redirecting to the light or wrapping around various blockages. She may have been able to survive the wrap and eventually crush the organic matter as it decomposed.
Regardless of what could be, your temp is good, humidity, and ph. She has a couple dark hours for relaxing. If she won't survive it'll at least be known here soon. You could always germinate another in her place just in case and then it won't be far behind the others.
Good luck and happy growing, I hope the unplanned replanting works out positively. :v: