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Tundra_Trees started grow question 3 years ago
Who else uses Coco Loco by Bushdoctor and feeds organically with dry amendments? Do you add into the coco loco already or wait to start building your microbes until they eat the nutrients in the coco that's already in it?
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Grow #1 Tundra_Trees
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4 comments · 3 years ago
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randyjustice answered grow question 3 years ago
It is not recommended to add dry organic amendments that require time to break down and become available to plants in coco alone. The microbial life required to make organic amendments available will also break down the coconut fiber, limiting the coco’s ability to hold minerals by the time the organic amendments have mineralized. Coco breaks down way too fast to use it like a soil mix. A proper organic soil mix provides the structure to hold and house microbes that coco alone can not. Coco has mainly a negative surface charge that holds primarily positive mineral cations like calcium, magnesium and most of the trace elements. Microbes and organic acids are the main storage units for anions coco can not hold like the maco elements nitrate, phosphate, sulfate, etc. found in a soil with good structure needed to support life. Long story short. don’t do it.