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Mrs_Larimar started grow question 3 years ago
Hi, all of you know Worm Castings, what do you think to put living( small) worms into your soil=? did anyone tested it=?
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Hellishjam answered grow question 3 years ago
I have red wrigglers in my pots for outside. They are good at aerating breaking down matter and making worm casting. I would use them with bottled nutes tho I’m pretty sure it will kill them. I also use organic dry amendments and they break it down to a more useable food source. I also use worm casting for compost teas it does wonders. When I do seed sprouted teas the left over blended material I place in the top of my pots under the straw as another food source, you must give them something to eat otherwise they will run out of food. I’ll be adding more as I might have had some die off with all the rain and removing the straw due to to much moisture. Hope this helps good luck
LongJohn420 answered grow question 3 years ago
If you can keep that top of the soil moist all the time they'll like living there upper side of the pot but if it drys up they won't make it there. They can really help to aerate the soil and help to break down dead root matter and stuff. Don't know how they manage with nutrients. Maybe with organics atleast...
Happy summertime!! :sunglasses:
Budofpray answered grow question 3 years ago
Thx Bulbi :+1: in my opinion if in the paper ti seems a good idea….i think not at all...!!

if we can reproduce, often with difficulties, a good media for MJ grows…..introduce this partners require a container really big…
Worms need a good range of humidity….

in nature….if the soil is to dry he goes deep to continously gets the good environment for his life….in a closed pot it is impossible !
and a lot os species requires to let soil be dried sometimes...or close to !

by the ground for outdoor session it could be interesting to do that…..but Always in my point of view This would require building a special soil. :wink:

feel free to take a look in my diary @Mrs_Larimar...i think the best way is to build a rich soil activated and bio controled/fertilized by beneficials fungi/bacteria….and worm casting is a part of this rich soil :muscle:

Hope this helps :pray:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Well, I wouldn't even bother growing without earthworms. They condition soil rather well, aid decomposition and nutrient uptake generally. With the right sort of basic amendment, some (vermi)compost and earthworms you can turn some of the densest clay to a nice soft, light, aerated soil. So live worms, that's fine. Vermicompost with live worms (and obviously their eggs in that oo), if you don't naturally have some, is likely to help and might work out better than just adding live worms.

But yeah, I reckon my soil is crap if there aren't earthworms around.
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
They will help in keeping the soil aerated. I have a worm bin and sometimes use the castings with a few worms in it