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Vangogh_Grow started grow question 3 years ago
Plant Light stressed?

11 pm I switch from 100 to 1000 watt led. Woke up 9 a.m plant was drooping. Top 3" soil little dry so I watered with 5.8 ph water only, still drooping.

100 watt was 18", 1000 was 21" but moved to 25". Blueberry muffin seedlings responded great no issue.
"Vorneese Haze" Bag seed
19 weeks
"Vorneese Haze" Bag seed Vangogh_Grow
Costa Mesa Haze
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Week 5
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GreenHouseLab answered grow question 3 years ago
For sure if you upgraded from 100W to 1000W and only adjusted it 3" it's a significant change for your plants. Hanging it higher was a good move. Your plants are healthy I wouldn't worry too much it will take a few days for the adjustment. Keep in mind your leaves will fluctuate from drooping to reaching from the sky throughout a daily cycle just make sure you don't overwater.
DILLIGAF answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi there mate nice looking plants!! Yes you shocked the hell out of them by doing that with your lights
however they are very resilient and will be fine just keep that light at a good distance from the plants so as not to
cause light stress etc. Also do not overwater at this stage of the plants life it is imperative they get lots of oxygen to those developing roots :grinning: Hope this helps mate