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dalemac started grow question 3 years ago
Got 2 plants that have grown up under identical conditions except pot size. Both were germinated - everything - on the same schedule. Started indoors under 18 hours of light; then moved outdoors. One is flowering - one is not. Will this plant keep flowering or revert to veg?
Double Amnesia
27 weeks
Double Amnesia dalemac
Amnesia #7
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Week 17
Leaves. Too many
DILLIGAF answered grow question 3 years ago
@dalemac Beautiful sativa looking leaves on those girls.
To answer your question I need to know what hours of light your plants are getting each day.
If the light cycle is diminishing (sun setting and rising 12 hrs or more apart) your plant will continue to flower But
if it's still the middle of summer where you are She will most definately try to reveg
Which is not a bad thing although such stress can turn plants hermophrodite in some cases.
If you want her to continue flowering outdoors you could consider a technique I have used with success called
forced flowering outdoors see my diary for more details Mate
ThatoneAKguy answered grow question 3 years ago
I’ve had it happen under indoor conditions a couple of times too. I’m curious what your longitude is and how many hours of daylight you’re getting? As for the nutrients I’d cut back a touch on the nitrogen and come up on the phosphorus just a little until you’re absolutely certain she’s not going to re-veg. Once that happens I’d pour the coals to her. It’ll actually be nice not having to trim both of those monsters at the same time. They look great!
GreenHouseLab answered grow question 3 years ago
She will finish to produce her flowers and the other will flower once the daylight hours change more significantly to get her into that mode. They are maybe from the same genetic but can be different phenotypes.