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gablmo started grow question 3 years ago
What should I do to stop the yellowing and the crawling of the plants. They are on 5gl autopods. I'm using fabric pods with pebbles, coco and perlite 75/30. They were fed on the first week with 65ppm being 60ppm from the tap water and 220ppm on 2nd week being 160ppm from nutrient
Week 2
Leaves. Curl down
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there Gab ! Yeah it's a problem indeed ! What's happening is that you've got a soiless set up but you're not running enough feed. Soiless means "inert" means there's nothing in it, means that you have to give it 100% of the food the plant needs. Usually in coco you want both parts of the coco formula ergo part A and part B, and yes it's annoying that you have to buy two things but you do basically... nothing to it. You plants will still lack micronutrients so you do need to add specialised micro nutrients like calmag. Finally since the medium is inert, that means there's basically "no bacteria" to break down the nutrients, so you'll need an appropriate chelation agent such as amino acids, humic and fluvic acids, enzymes or simply hydrochloric acid. So when the medium is soiless like what you're doing you need the three categories of feed every day : the NPK nutrients of the 2 part formulas, the micronutrients eg calmag and the chelation agent. Right now you're showing deficiencies even with Nitrogen, that's because the lack of nutrients and chelation agent has caused root problems, you can tell from the downward clawing of the leafs. If you add a chelation agent to your feed it will break down the problem roots and the plant should recover within two weeks max. Hope this helps my friend ! :rocket:
GreenHouseLab answered grow question 3 years ago
You seem to be growing the exact same medium I'm using, is that Pro-mix HP or BX? There are no nutrients in this medium therefore you need to feed your plants NPK nutrients and also give them Cal-Mag to prevent deficiencies later on. Everything else in regards to humidity and temperature looks just fine. Simply buy a Part 1/2, A/B feeding program if you want something simple to start. Advance Nutrients offer a simple 2 Part solution that automatically adjust your PH.
Wicked_Stix answered grow question 3 years ago
They need more nutrients. If you are looking for the simplest solution to feeding I recommend getting some maxibloom. It will give your plants all the nutrients they need from start to finish. 7 grams per gallon will be your max dose and I would start them about half of that now then up it a little every feeding. If you are using RO water then you will need to add some calmag. There are numerous options that are great nutrients out there, but I like gh maxi nutrients because the are simple and stable. Good luck.
DILLIGAF answered grow question 3 years ago
@gablmo Hi mate looks to me thet you may have a nutrient deficiency problem.
Only say this because the temps , humidity and ph all seem fine from what you have listed them as
I would do a full nutient res change add some silica to your list of nutrients which should be suited for hydroponics
like a A+B grow and bloom mix. Hope this helps mate