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Paradox_1ste1 started grow question 1 week ago
Hey guys . I have this ayahuasca purple plants and i want to harvest today . Can anyone please tell me should i do it or give it a bit more.time to some.of them .would appriciate it guys :green_heart:
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Xx_Miraculix_xX answered grow question 6 days ago
Grab a pocket microscope (at least 60x magnification) take a close look at the trichomes, so the heads of them are still transparent, you have to wait a little longer are they milky can harvest if you don't want to hit your body like that. If you want to have such a stoned effect on your body wait until about 20 up to 40 percent are amber and the rest is milky. In my experience, most people harvest 20 percent amber when they are milky. But you should always wait at least until the trichomes are milky. Oh yes, and when you look at the flowers with a microscope, don't look at the sugar leaves
OzFruitGrower answered grow question 2 days ago
Hi there. Would love to help.
Have you got a pocket microscope handy? 30x-60x will do. So we can take a look at the glandular trichomes. You want the trichomes to be cloudy. With only 1/3 amber. Then flush.
gottagrowsometime answered grow question 1 week ago
Ye. That will happen with photos.

Anything like that should turn Amber when you harvest and hang dry it whole.

9nce a plant is done she's done.

Good Luck.
Paradox_1ste1 answered grow question 1 week ago
Some of the plants still have their hair white thats why im concerned more.
Growladyeastmidlands answered grow question 1 week ago
Looking good happy harvest looking ready to me enjoy your smoke from uk
crimsonecho answered grow question 1 week ago
i personally would harvest