RoyalRoom grow tents are regarded as high-quality, professional-grade tents for indoor plant cultivation. Users appreciate the tents for their robust and stable construction, high reflectivity, and overall quality. They're made from ecological, thick Mylar 600D material, ensuring up to 95% light reflection and 100% light proofness, which is vital for controlling the grow environment effectively. These tents come in various sizes to accommodate different cultivation scales, from small personal grows to larger professional setups.
Customers have highlighted the ease of assembly and the durable nature of the tents, noting that they are made with heavy metal rather than plastic, adding to their sturdiness. RoyalRoom offers a reliable and efficient solution for indoor growing, with a range of tent sizes to suit different needs​​​​​​.

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Blue Auto Mazar 2023
13 weeks
Blue Auto Mazar 2023amadeo
Dutch Passion - Blue Auto Mazar
9 months ago · 29 comments
Apollo F1
13 weeks
Apollo F1mcflow
Royal Queen Seeds - Apollo F1
a year ago · 247 comments
Skunk Dream CBD | First Grow
19 weeks
Skunk Dream CBD | First GrowBLAZED
Sensi Seeds - Skunk Dream CBD
a year ago · 20 comments
RQS Spring cup 21 NLA x2 RQS Nutrients
13 weeks
RQS Spring cup 21 NLA x2 RQS NutrientsMrStinky
Royal Queen Seeds - Northern Light Automatic
3 years ago · 85 comments

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Apollo F1
13 weeks
Apollo F1mcflow
Royal Queen Seeds - Apollo F1
a year ago · 247 comments
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16 weeks
Dozi Zozi Breed BrosHerbinski
Breed Bros - Dozi Zozi Berry
a year ago · 37 comments
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16 weeks
Orange Velvet Underground Ethos GeneticsHerbinski
ETHOS Genetics - Orange Velvet Underground RBx
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Zapplez Conscious Genetics
16 weeks
Zapplez Conscious GeneticsHerbinski
Conscious Genetics - Zapplez
9 months ago · 21 comments
Chantilly Perfect Tree Seeds
16 weeks
Chantilly Perfect Tree SeedsHerbinski
Perfect Tree - Chantilly
9 months ago · 34 comments
Savage Lemon Breed Bros
16 weeks
Savage Lemon Breed BrosHerbinski
2 strains
a year ago · 22 comments
New gear from old friends.. Sour Puffs
21 weeks
New gear from old friends.. Sour PuffsOimRausch
Doctor's Choice - Sour Puffs
5 months ago · 48 comments
Lemon Shining Silver Haze RQS
15 weeks
Lemon Shining Silver Haze RQSmcflow
Royal Queen Seeds - Lemon Shining Silver Haze
7 months ago · 98 comments
Royal skywalker
14 weeks
Royal skywalkermcflow
Royal Queen Seeds - Royal Skywalker
2 years ago · 24 comments
Purplematic RQS
11 weeks
Purplematic RQSmcflow
Royal Queen Seeds - Purplematic CBD
8 months ago · 84 comments
Plagron & Zamnesia Power Bud Competition
12 weeks
Plagron & Zamnesia Power Bud CompetitionOimRausch
Zamnesia Seeds - Purple Haze Automatic
7 months ago · 40 comments

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WEST COAST OG X GELATO 41 AUTO @ GreenHouse seedsTuga_Belsun
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First (legal) grow
11 weeks
First (legal) growKh4j11t
+1 strain
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4 weeks
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Hindu Runtz karma genetics
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Decent grow tent for a beginner, no issues to report.
20 days ago
2 months ago
3 months ago
3 months ago
3 months ago
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Hope some company that can support me with a tent so I can get the growing love in the summer