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Interalia666 Apprentice
Skunk XL
Growing it
Cannot provide a smoke report yet as I will 'try' to not touch this strain until it has had 8 weeks in the jar. What I can say is that the day after jarring there is no 'green or hay' smell - just that overwhelming Skunk fragrance almost like it has already had 8 weeks curing!

Really looking forward to sampling this old school classic in a month or two.

Whilst there are lots of fashionable hybrids around today, growers should not overlook their hertiage and the old school strains. Whilst I have grown many modern hybrids, not many can match up to Skunk XL for smell and denseness of nugs.

Would recommend this Royal Queen Seeds strain/genetics to all.

Smoke Update 1 :

Gave a nug or two to a desperate friend after only a week in the jar - stunk the house out and smashed him into sleepy relaxed couchlock after a single doobie. Should be rather nice after 8 weeks curing :+1:
12 months ago
Interalia666 Apprentice
Super Auto Lemon Haze
Growing it
This particular pheno was short in stature but very dense. Good sour lemon smell but due to the leaf density, this strain will absolutley require a cure before sampling as her chloryfil levels are very high. Better than expected harvest of 71g of medium and large bud with a further 13g of high quality trim and larf for the hash bag. Despite her short stature, she developed very large and dense buds with very little larf , although she did require opening up with stakes to get better light and air penetration. I will post a 'cure and smoke' update in a few weeks.
1 year ago
Interalia666 Apprentice
White Crystal Meth Auto
Growing it
Sophisticated smoke, very nice taste even after 10 day dry. Top buds are solid and of a good size. Reasonable yield from an untouched/untrained autoflower of a little over 3 ounces, with the right training and better dialed in nutrition this could definitely be improved on by quite a bit. Lovely smell of bubblegum/pine/fruity - not in your face, quite subtle. Effects are top drawer and too good to waste for everyday use. Save this one for special occassions. Blossoming high that is strong but nicely functional, you can still get stuff done. Once cured this is likely to be a terp-monster. Happy that I have 3 more beans to pop of this lovely surprise.

Smoke Update 1:

Breeder does not provide THC levels, but with parentage of White Widow/Crystal Meth (16-20% and 20% respectively - both sativa dominant), I would expect something similar around 18 - 20%. I also recently harvested Bruce Banner #3 autoflower, also from OSS and it has been interesting comparing the smoke. WCM is a more subtle, sophisticated smell and taste as indeed is the high. BB#3 (22% THC) is a veritable punch in the face, but is a bit one dimensional (a nice dimension nevertheless) and shorter in duration. Will update once it has cured for a couple of months.


It is now 7 weeks into the cure and the smell and taste have matured beautifully.

Much smoother smoke of a good solid medium/strong strength, still has that 'bubblegum' aroma and a good strong kick of terps.

Overall, this strain is well worth the time and effort and is a very solid medium/strong strength smoke with a sophisticated smell and taste. Very smooth and delicious after 7 weeks post cure.
1 year ago

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