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myrceneCB1 Apprentice
Gorilla Cookies Auto
Growing it
THC - 27%, CBD - <1%
55% Indica/ 45% Sativa

An easy plant to grow, especially on Autopot. Nutrient requirement is average. Responded well to LST and HST. It even recovered from an accidental topping early in flowering, though it did affect the yield significantly. Overall yield was not great but satisfactory. It could have been more if I wasn't too aggressive in training them.

The buds were dense and covered in trichomes even in the beginning of flowering. Beautiful colours. Every time I walk pass the grow room, it smelled like freshly baked cookies. But other times it smelled like someone was cooking spiced meat or sausages. Weird terpene profile.

Tastes minty and mildly sweet with an earthy undertone. A little harsh on the throat because it has been curing only for a week. Starts off with typical sativa intense head rush and euphoria which lasted for about an hour. I smoked it in the evening and with the initial head high, it was perfect to enjoy a little music and Netflix. After about 2-3 hours, the indica effect sets in and it was just nice to fall asleep. Perfect evening smoke.
2 months ago
myrceneCB1 Apprentice
Blue Dream CBD
Growing it
THC - 10%, CBD - 10%
35% Indica/ 65% Sativa

The 1:1 ratio of CBD/THC gives off a mild head rush then plateaus to clear and energizing effect. The coming down is not too heavy and tolerable. Smells citrusy and a little fruity but smoke is still rather harsh considering it has just cured for a week. Perfect for daytime smoke and to get things done. Great for anxiety as well. I grew this mainly for my mom who suffers from chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Will update her review later on as she'll be consuming by infused oil.

This is a hardy and vigorous strain. My first plant to grow in DWC. She performed really well and endured all the intense training I put on her. With all the topping and mainlining, heavy defoliation and multiple supercropping, she took it well and recovered fast. Veg was longer as expected. Not much nutrient issues. Just kept nutrient regime dosing on the low side. She smells sweet, citrus and earthy throughout flowering but it was never overwhelming. Plant 1 buds were dense and dripping with trics while Plant 2 buds were airy and loose.
5 months ago
myrceneCB1 Apprentice
Northern Lights Autoflowering
Growing it
Starts off with mild euphoria, followed by deep body relaxation. Strong munchies. Great for insomnia. Perfect for evening and night time use.
10 months ago

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Thanks so much for checking me out!:relaxed: You've got some great grows and harvests yourself! That Moby Dick & Critical Jack is looking really good. Nice clones too!:+1: Happy growing!:v: