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Ata Clean

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Good fertilizer but bad information from the producer. It’s impossible to find their website and their own resources.
Ormoni e nutrienti minerali atami qualità al top
Yeah, keeps the lines open most of the time.
As I said before, I like the Atami fertilizers.
It keeps my hoses clean, make what promise
Always easy to over feed the A+B ,root stimulator is a must have
Root stimulator is a must have
I think Atami are creating one of the best fertilizers worldwide for cannabis - yet I haven’t tried every other brand
Funciona muy bien
Increased yeilds , and easy to use very concentrated makes feed easier ,
I really liked the fertilizer! Will be using it again! I think I can recommend Atami for you guys & girls out there! :ok_hand: The taste is really good! : 1::skin-tone-6: