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Athena is a brand dedicated to supporting modern growers with a range of fertilization products designed to improve quality, reduce costs, and drive consistency. Born in the grow rooms of Los Angeles, California, Athena caters to all scales of cultivation, from hobbyists to large-scale commercial growers. Their product lines include the Athena Blended Line, offering liquid fertilizers like Athena Grow A+B and Athena Bloom A+B, and the Athena Pro Line, featuring dry soluble fertilizers for large-scale cultivators. Athena's products are formulated to ensure balanced nutrition, cost-effectiveness, and result-driven performance. They also offer solutions like pest control and crop protection, emphasizing innovation, quality assurance, and a robust supply chain. Athena's approach is to make complex cultivation processes simpler and more efficient for growers.

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Ho Ye
2 months ago
Has been really good nutrition. I just didn't keep up with the plant on this grow.
3 months ago
Good Good
4 months ago
Love free stuff.. very happy with how this did with clones
4 months ago
4 months ago
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