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Love it but too much to mix. Will also change growing medium so I have more control over feeding.
Good quality blends for market value. The inoculants and dry amendments are amazing!
Ive become very fond of this brand. If your looking for an easy way to go organic this is it. Very user friendly and doesn't break the bank.
Roots Organics always works with no fuss.
Absolutely loved this and it was my first time using it in combination w/ the roots organic original & lush.
Wonderful and simple its fun the diversify similar bags for similar processes and see the different outcomes. Couple scoops every so often and delish buds. Extra scooop of terp bloom little sweeter and more sea bird granular little denser. Finding the sweet spot is fun and exciting especially without the burn than CAN happen like any other nutes. Just need SOME SILICA and a fuller array bag with low npk and a nice micronute assortment.
I have since the end of this run purchased the entire line up from Aurora Innovations. the roots organics dry line will be what im using for the next few grows. until i run out of all of these 3LB bags... and thats going to take a bit. Huge fan. and would recommend and have been doing just that