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Oregonism XL is a custom blend of seven endo/ecto mycorrhizae species, two types of Trichoderma, and thirteen species of beneficial bacteria, as well as yucca, humic acid and soluble kelp. Oregonism XL helps to increase nutrient uptake, encourages vigorous root systems and helps plants resist stress. The blend increases root mass and size by colonizing the root system with symbiotic fungi and bacteria. The fungi extend their network into the surrounding rhizosphere, massively increasing the plants ability to uptake water and nutrients. These fungi and bacteria are specifically selected for tolerance to environmental extremes and compatibility with non-conifer plant species.


Organic Nutrient Yes
Nutrient TypeExperimental nutrient like: organic bacteria, undisclosed formulas, exotic molecules, etc
Feeding StyleDissolve In Substrate
Release Year: Previously Released

Chemical composition




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I have since the end of this run purchased the entire line up from Aurora Innovations. the roots organics dry line will be what im using for the next few grows. until i run out of all of these 3LB bags... and thats going to take a bit. Huge fan. and would recommend and have been doing just that

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Love this stuff. Definitely FULL of life, and having the food already present for the microbes really seems to give things a boost. If you plan on bubbling this in a tea for any length of time, DO IT IN THE BATHTUB! this stuff will foam over like a rabid 5 gallon bucket! Also, remember that the foam is a sign of life in the tea. With Myco tea, if you bubble it for more than two or three hours, you'll likely start to notice less foam than there was before, thats because some of the microbeasties are dying, (which means they aren't burping, hence the lack of foam.).. you wanna keep your bubbling time to a minimum with this. When applying in liquid form, I usually don't bubble it, if I do it's only an hour.,, you can also add it to the tea your making about an hour before you finish bubbling it if you don't wanna use multiple teas.