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Although grow diaries doesn’t have it I used terp tea grow, flower, and flower booster. Ja’dore
Strong stuff it seems but I still underfed.
Seems to be high quality, a little goes a long way I think. Cause new growth later on and some foxtail.
It the 5th grow with the Soul line from Aurora Innovation and it a basic line that performs well with coco. The only thing is that you have to use 1/3rd of recommended dose.
This is now my go too for nutes, the soul line has a tone of cal-mag in the nutes to start with so no extra is needed unless during waterings. I used half strength of recomend and it worked well. Great quality product and nutrient line. No deficancys during growth if following schedule. 1/2 strength put me around 1000ppms during peak growth.
Used in my last 3 grows at half strength and never had any issues or deficancys
I've only ever used aurora innovation nutrients. I've been very pleased with the results and see no need to switch to anything else at this time. The plant was a bit of a nutrient hog, so I went through a lot during this grow. My first time using big swell and peak. They certainly seemed to make a difference.
The HPK and Trinity really helped with the health and flavor of the buds. The Bloom could use a tad more nitrogen for flowering in soil, at least for this strain. Switched to Soul Bloom which has a little more nitrogen than the Buddha Bloom. The Extreme Serene during veg really helped make the plants strong and healthy.