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Love it but too much to mix. Will also change growing medium so I have more control over feeding.
Ive become very fond of this brand. If your looking for an easy way to go organic this is it. Very user friendly and doesn't break the bank.
I've also used all of these, minus the Foundation, since I've started growing and it's been perfect for my setup. I have a nice little method and just adjust based on what the plants are telling me. I started the foundation this grow and it's a good beneficial for a lot of the micro nutrients I was needing and usually add half the amount of either grow/bloom I am using at the time. Stuff has lasted me a couple years already!
Roots Organics always works with no fuss.
It was good smelled oraganic gave me a great grow Buddha grow was hard to get from bottle clogged up the syringe switching to emerald
Stuff seems okay, it's the only line I've used up until recently. Rare Dankness has a line I've been using on a single plant for a grow and it seems to be doing great, so I may have to give it a go for a run.
I've used Aurora's Roots Organics line as my main nutrient source (and soil) since I've started growing and they have been incredible. The nutrients last if used correctly and my grows have been super consistent with them.