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Organic Fertiliser Tablets

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Использовал только таблетки для вегетации, но для Sweet Seeds лучше всего использовать жидкие удобрения, для точной дозировки
Bio Tabs nutrient tablets work LIKE A TREAT. It so convenient and saved me soooo much time, I LOVE IT. The plants are healthy throughout the whole cycle and only need pure tap-water...its BRILLIANT!
Although I'm a fan of Bio Tabs it didn't keep up with the needs of the Apple Fritter. After the plant started blooming the leafs turned yellow and I had to add additional nutrients.
Great fertilizer. Easy to use, organic and the plants always looked healthy.
Posso so lodare questo prodotto! Ormai ho imparato ad utilizzarlo nel giusto modo, anche se ogni tanto devo fare delle integrazione i si calcio e magnesio, apparte quello per il resto è fino ad ora il miglior prodotto organico abbia mai usato! Spero tanto in una collaborazione futura! :crossed_fingers::smile_cat:
Great products, supplies the plant with everything she needs with ease!
Great product. Beside making the whole feeding of the plant convenient, my plants look healthy and stong when I use Bio Tabs.