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Didn’t have any problems. Not much I can compare it to. I was also doing half the recommended quantity
No issue, recommend to use half strength for DWC
Nutes :lollipop::lollipop::lollipop::lollipop: There was no major change to our typical nute regimen except for the addition of terpinator. I’m not even gonna try giving this a rating after what happened with the burn. If the profile on this plant remains the same the next time we run it, then terpinator would be useless as a supplement IMO. That said, the remainder of the line up has always performed well for me so no complaints at all.
I really like the Botanicare line. It's a little more expensive than other lines but the tastes that I get in my crop far exceeds any other flower I've ever tasted. I have never noticed any chemically tastes but very clear and smooth terpenes. This was my first grow using Hydroplex and it helped tremendously with bud development and density. My harvest would have been extremely disappointing if I hadn't used Hydroplex for this off season winter grow. I plan to expand my lineup of nutrients from Botanicare during the next growing season. At minimum using Pure Blend Pro Grow and Pure Blend Pro Bloom has gotten me great harvests previously, and the more nutrients I add from this lineup seems to only improve my crops. I don't use full nutrient dosing as recommended, I usually go about 3/4 strength to avoid nutrient overload. This grow I did go much closer to full strength with zero side effect. No burn at all. Climate would change that though, as my plants growing in 10 hours of light and through winter didn't suck up much of the water, or the nutrient I'm sure.
First time using any line of nutes. Seemed to work well. Will be better when I get things dialed in.