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I've been tweaking as I go and trying to learn how to use this line of nutes. I had no major setbacks with the exception of nute lockout early flower that slowed progress, but my little lady seemed to really enjoy her food. Also used some malted barley (crushed just prior to dusting the top soil) for some enzyme boosts.
Simple to use and amazing results
Always a reliable brand and has yet to fail me to date. Not quite the strength of the ghe stuff but when used correctly - great nute line.
Grate stuff every time I made a mix the ph was always 5.8 never had to use buffer
Very solid but can't truly say untill I have more experience.
Great products but you guys need to make the 2-×-× nitrogen in the cal mag go away. If I wanted nitrogen I'd feed them grow'
Didn’t have any problems. Not much I can compare it to. I was also doing half the recommended quantity
No issue, recommend to use half strength for DWC