Simplex is a Russian brand that specializes in high-quality fertilizers for plant nutrition, combining advanced technology with optimal nutrient concentrations. Their product range includes stimulators, additives, and fertilizers made from high-purity components. Simplex is dedicated to creating a domestic product that rivals and even surpasses foreign equivalents. They control every production stage, from concept to completion, and continuously conduct research to improve and develop new products. Simplex fertilizers use pH-perfect technology, maintaining optimal pH levels in nutrient solutions. Their goal is to simplify cultivation, making it accessible to both beginners and professionals, while ensuring product quality, convenience, and environmental safety.

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8 weeks
GC FFAntiWar
2 months ago · 3 comments
First micro grow
9 weeks
First micro growCaptain420
3 months ago · 6 comments
Mi first FF
15 weeks
Mi first FFAntiWar
5 months ago · 12 comments
Blue Auto Mazar
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Blue Auto MazarRaslionS
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Purple buds
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Великолепные орехи, никаких ожегов и стрессов, всё в меру
5 months ago
Very nice and cheap nutrients!
5 months ago
Отличные удобрения по отличной цене.
7 months ago
Ну тут и без комментариев понятно, что симплексы рулят!
7 months ago
Обычная не дорогая база. Но для кокоса на автополиве советую чистые минеральные удобрения, без добавления органики в них, максимум микориза в сам кокос и фитоспорин реаниматор по листу!
9 months ago
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