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The professional team of scientists designed the proven product for marijuana cultivation.

URB is a high quality organic microbial nutrient. It suits for any growing medium and method. The product  composition contains only natural raw materials and ingredients proven in 80 Universities and 40 countries. That provides safety for you and your plants.

The manufacturer approves that using URB will help reduce the need for other products and increase sizes, roots, colors, sheen and trichome coverage.



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Skunk_Life85 Apprentice
This product will be in all my grows. It gives noticable differences in root mass and boosts growth rates. Strong roots= strong plant. Worth every bit of money spent.
1 month ago
Skunk_Life85 Apprentice
This is an amazing product. It grows roots to the max. Huge healthy root system as advertised.
1 month ago
Divs_darkroom Apprentice
Leaves your buds smelly and dense. I talked to a urb rep named brandon and he said the humics and all the extras inside act like pgrs to make the plant grow more compact and dense
4 months ago
gdogfunk Apprentice
I've been using URB on every grow since I started in November. At the end of the grow, I've experienced my cloth pots having only a giant rootball with virtually no soil left. My plants have thrived and have excellent branch strength. I use 15ml/gal for every single watering through plant life until flush, I use 10ml. Great stuff!
4 months ago
Divs_darkroom Apprentice
Great for getting your plants going
7 months ago

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