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Canuk Seeds' Kushy Kush is an indica strain and takes 6 weeks to flower.

Typical of the completely indica dominant genetics of the plant Kushy Kush grows into a small bushy plant that produces a THC level of 22%-24%.

It can be harvested outdoors at the end of September.

Kushy Kush is know to give a clear and energetic high with strong pain relief capability thanks to heavy dominance of indica in the genetics of this strain. Definitely not one to miss for the Kush connoisseur.


1 set_ounce
Harvest Weight


Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly Indica
Harvest 650-750 gr/m2
Flowering 6-7 Weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor

Tastes & Effects


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russrahl Newbie
Kushy Kush
Pulled the first Kushy Kush at day 47 of flowering. there are 3 kushy kush in total so we are seeing the outcome of the strain at different points of harvest. it is a 42 day strain according to the breeder. first one at 47 days was still a little early, doesn't have much of a smell or taste but when smoked is still very potent. deffinatly a good night time smoke or after work type thing. relaxes your body and puts your head in a spaced out trance.... it is still curing and is starting to smell a bit more now a week after being jarred. ***second plant was harvested at day 53 in flowering and was much more crystal covered then the first one. was a fluffy bud do to the fact it was a tucked in the back corner and received the least amount of light do to the fact we were growing multiple strains in the tent and some streched more. but the bud is much more potent and smells/tastes much more prunonced. ****pulled the 3rd plant at 59 days and defiantly worth the wait. much tighter and good yield. taste is super kushy now and very potent buds.
10 months ago

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