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The CC Kush’s offspring is very stable for an F1 and has few surprises.
Expect lots of resin very early in bloom and 8-9 weeks bloom time.

Pheno #1 (70%)
This is the most common Pheno which is Bubba Dom by appearance, but the smells are leaning more towards the Ms.U’s cherry, caramel, vanilla aroma. The flowers are very dense and “boxy”, with the tops growing out the sides and the tops. Incredible flavor and high.

Pheno #2 (30%)
This pheno’s bud structure leans a bit more towards the Ms.U male, but still has the Kush dominating traits. The flowers form dense pyramid tops, that eventually grow outward into a beautiful mess. Subtle odor, but a good odor of caramel, fruit(grape/cherry) coffee, and cream. The texture of this pheno was unique. Great for hash too


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics pre98 OG Bubba x Ms.Universe #10
Flowering 8-9 weeks

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