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Goxuak Auto is an autoflowering version of famous AK-47 that was crossed with unkniwn ruderalis. Itd iutstanding mother has a lot of awards and recognition in the cannabis world.

The flowering period takes only 10 weeks from germination. The growing doesn't depend on the light schedule. But it is recommended 20 hours of light to get the best results. The harvest produces 500-550 gr/m2 indoors and 125-140 gr/plant outdoors. The plant develops small structure, grows up to 60 cm tall and produces resinous buds.

The smoke brings strong sweet and fruty flavors and sativa effects.


Gender Feminised
Genes ruderalis/indica/sativa
Genetics AK47 x Unknown Ruderalis
Harvest 500-550 gr/m2
Flowering 10 weeks

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