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White Cookies
Growing it
Great grow, great strain, great genetics. Very stable, susceptible to mold and pests, however it's necessary to tackle pest problems as they really suck the life out of plants and make them sick. Had this issue, but other than that, the strain is very strong and resistant to such issues. Even though the plant faced stress, it did not turn hermaphrodite and did well in ways I needed it to. It's strongly recommended to LST, Top, Lolipop, and Supercrop these ladies.They will do well that way. Lots of leaf growth and congestion of growth made it harder for certain parts of the plant to receive light. Overall this strain gave me a great experience and finished product that i'm happy with for its conditions and circumstances and i'd definitely recommend it and grow again.
1 year ago

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Sounds like some real interesting strains here will have to look them up