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Jack Flash #5 is a well balanced sativa dominant plant that contains 65% sativa genetics and 35% indica genetics. This Cannabis Cup winner is a improving version of the outstanding Jack Flash. ย Jack Herer and Super Skunk were crossed to creat it.ย 

The plant inherited the power and energy of its parents. ย The Indica structure is ideal for SOG . The growth is fast and energetic. The plant develops a strong big cola, large and very fat buds covered by sparkling trichomes. It grows up high and produces a mass of resin. During the blooming the plant smells like a lemon.

The strong effect brings a unique physical and mental high. It makes you happy and provides a feeling of relaxation. The strain is a good medical remedy to relieve a tension. Jack Flash's smoke provides ย the classic taste of earth, skunky spice with fruity tones of apricot and orange and with hints of mint and pine.


Gender Feminised
Genes Indica 35% / Sativa 65%
Genetics Jack Herer x Super Skunk
Harvest 375 gr/m2
Flowering 9 - 10 weeks
THC high

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