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Tropicana cookies FF fastbuds.

1 week ago
Room Type
Coco Coir
Grow medium
Grow medium
Directly In Substrate
Germination Method
week 3
week 3
week 4
weeks 4,5
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Grow Conditions
Week 5
18 hrs
Light Schedule
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Commented by Aldo90 Aldo90
1 week ago

Week 5-6. Last week before flip.
Creepy Steve
All 3 guys thanks for the assistance along the way, I'd be lost at times without the information yous have shared.
I've added nirvana as that's just K, one of these looks like some K def was kicking in, also some N tox was developing. I've stopped using the plant magic calmag and got the biobizz version as its N free to be on the safe side as the rest of the base nutes have more than enough N to be seeing us through flower Upped the b52 this week to 2ml for that extra K kick. I'll be using bud Ignitor next week, adding bloom and dropping the grow week by week. Exciting weeks ahead :raised_hands:

Grow Questions
Aldo90 week 2 started grow question 4 weeks ago
When to start training, I've got 6 of the FFs from fastbuds. Looking for some ideas or suggestions on how to approach this run, hoping for a mega yiel
Training advice. I've been doing autos for a while and I'm used to lst. This being my first fem run, I'm wanting to keep the height of these as uniform as can be, any tips on when I should start training them and any opinions/suggestions on things I can do to increase my yield.
Techniques. HST
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Creepy_Steve answered grow question 4 weeks ago
you can top sooner than lst. but if you lst too early it realyl doesn't do much but can definitely shock the plant. you bend it over with a few growth nodes and usually the lowest is trash anyway, so where is this growth being spread out?

I liked to have more than just a nub for axilay buds before i bend it over. tiny with a hint of leaves is better and a little more growth even better than that.

anchor the bottom. bend 45 degrees between axes of growth nodes and you can use both sets instead of cutting off the downward facing ones. As long as the plant hasn't gotten woody / rigid, it's not too late and no loss for waiting unless it's overgrown at that point, of course.

tbh, in your space with that many plants... i'd top after 4-5 nodes, prune off the lowest 2 branches as they usually are trash. and just train the remaining 4-6 branches to grow evenly and you will have a packed tent and all plants can grow symmetrically and fit well. should do well either way. you may need to splay out the top most branches until the lowers catch up, then you can let it go vertically all together. by that time they should be out a ways from central area, which will be a good thing. interloc that growth between pots.
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