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Dream selection #1

Approved by Green House Seeds, Doctor's Choice
8 months ago
Room Type
Grow medium
Grow medium
Peat Pellet
Germination Method
week 6
weeks 6,7,...
week 16
Doctor's Choice - Rock Machine
Rock Machine
Doctor's Choice

Growing it




This plant is different and it's all become one big bud, consist of small stems with calyxes and small sugar leafs which appears on the stem. They grow everywhere on the stem and you'll need defoliate heavily, cause there are many sluggish leafs jammed in between. Leaf/buds ratio is actually super, cause the stem itself became one big piece of bud, it is very productive! Calyxes are not blown so much, as seen before with major of buds, but they take by their amount. Smoke is sweet and a bit nutty, gives good effect with stoner, but not too hard. Actually it is skunk look-like sativa, regardless it is meant to be indica dominant. I can't say if it is smelly or not, cause I did not dry these buds properly. Actually they were frosted for 5 days and then dried in very low humidity. I will now try OGRE and it will be dried properly. Actually I wish I gave Rock Machine two more stars for the yield! Gonna grow OGRE soon!

Speed 2/4
Structure 4/4
Size 4/4
Frost 3/4
Bud to leaf 4/4
Taste 3/4

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
100 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
50% Sativa
50% Indica

Positive effects


I don't use any average nutrients, so this thing is the best too! :muscle:


Totally met my expectations. For my small square it is the best! :ok_hand:

Commented by dreambomber dreambomber

day 106. Chopped finally.

Grow Questions
dreambomber week 0 started grow question 11 months ago
No questions yet.
My Russian growing mates advised just to place a seed in substrate and it will raise a sprout in 5 days. Next time I will not use any germ media.
Other. General questions
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NobodysBuds answered grow question 11 months ago
I thnk your growmates are correct. But, you will find many that use the paper towel method - or anything similar. Aeroponics / hydroponics an option too.

my arguement for planting directing into substrate that you will use in grow -- less adaptation required. Roots form differently depending on the substrate. Light is bad for roots. It messes with them like light impacts hormonal balance of vege/flower. You end up touching a germinated seed.. wash your hands, disinfect area... 1 more risk you shouldn't take without good reason.

keep it simple. plant in whatever you'll grow it... if that's hydro, make a hydro germination setup. If soilless, i would plant into the soilless substrate.

A smaller initial pot is a good idea except for maybe autoflowers. Otherwise if the pot is huge relative to a seedling, it can potentially delay above ground growth. Not absolutely necessary though. I think it provides more consistent results / easier to water properly with well-paced wet/dry cycle.
dreambomber week 2 started grow question 11 months ago
Feeding with AD Ph perfect base triplet.
I was aware of feeding full dose, but whatever. Don't know if it's better with this fertilizer - regular water (150 ppm) or 20 ppm osmosis to dissolve. It is first grow, and I was warned about soil salinity. Don't want to bring extra cal-mag.
Feeding. Chemical composition
Burmese answered grow question 11 months ago
Hey friend, Reverse osmosis water always brings the best for me.I was using regular tap water of 200ppm and got some pH problems.RO water of 20ppm will make you easy to handle with your nutrient.Happy growing... :v:
dreambomber week 3 started grow question 11 months ago
Can I grow by with 30% humidity?
Setup. Ventilation
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CheckThoseTrichs answered grow question 11 months ago
Heya Dreembomber!

30% is low for the vegetative state however would help out a lot if you could place a dome over top or a large zip lock bag with holes for air. I try to keep 50-70% RH for veg and 35-50% for flower. Other options include adding wet towels in the tent or a pot of water in front of a fan.

Good luck!
dreambomber week 3 started grow question 11 months ago
Size control /scrog/ squeezing training combo is needed, How do I combine?
I'm about to increase branches development. I'm interested in squeezing stem near top technique. Is it exactly super cropping? How often should stem be squeezed? Should I just let plants grow through SCROG? I'm afraid of overgrowing of WCOG and SLHA in my larger 7 and 5 l pots.
Plant. Too tall
Techniques. LST
Techniques. ScrOG
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OimRausch answered grow question 11 months ago
Hey Mate,
the Idea of a SCROG is to bring every blossom on the same Level with a screen you place at a certain height. So that every Budsite will get the same amount of light. You have to integrate the plant into the net/screen and if your screen is full with plants about 70% you change to bloom.. works well on Photos, but I'm afraid the Autos will have too less lifespan to fill up a decent scrog-net.
HST as you describe it, is a good way to keep the canopy on a Level. Autos maybe don't have the time to recover if you apply more HST on them.
Hope this helps a bit, good luck and happy trails for the rest of the way :crossed_fingers:
dreambomber week 4 started grow question 10 months ago
CO2 supplement adjustments needed.
I have compressed co2 in the tank, but I have no measurement tool except of bubble counter. Can anybody help me to count the amount of co2 I need to provide for my tent? It is 40x40x160 cm, 256 liters.
Setup. Sensors
Feeding. Other
Shagrath answered grow question 10 months ago

Best way to be sure is to buy CO2 meter and controller to automatically keep it in desired levels. If you don't want to spend more money you can use math to calculate approx levels.
So the optimal PPM for CO2 in veg is something like 800PPM and in flowering it's 1500PPM and normal levels in atmosphere is ~300ppm. You need to add 1200PPM more to the atmosphere in flowering to achieve 1500PPM and here comes the "tricky part". How powerful is your extractor fan? You need to add 0.12% of total volume of the tent to acheve 1500PPM. So 256l*0.12%=0.31l of CO2 but your extractor fan changes the air constantly so if the air gets changed once in a minute you need to have atleast 0.3l/minute airflow for CO2 to achieve that constant 1500PPM levels.

Might not be totally accurate calculations but atleast you should get the idea from this
dreambomber week 4 started grow question 10 months ago
Curing with citrus flavor.
Does anyone cure buds with lemon or orange zest or skin?
Other. Harvest - Curing
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the_canna_scientist answered grow question 10 months ago
This is a old trick when you had bad weed on the black market, or when you were growing for the black market, and grew bad weed. I wouldn't put anything that contains moisture in as Shagrath said, it leaves the issue open to molds/mildews/rot etc.

Your herb shouldn't need any help, cure it till it tastes good.
dreambomber week 4 started grow question 10 months ago
Will it overgrow?
Hey guys!
I let my babies grow untrained so they grow and bloom as fast as autos do, Tall boss colas expected and I only care about the overgrow. How do you guys think, will my WCOG reach it's max described 80cm-1m height in 7 l air pot?
Plant. Too tall
dreambomber answered grow question 10 months ago
I find out that one guy have an article our journal. So now I don't expect any overgrow. :muscle::muscle::muscle:

dreambomber week 8 started grow question 9 months ago
Should we change used substrate each cycle?
Why use new substrate each cycle? :unamused: It will be fertilized anyway, so... What do you guys say? :clap:
Setup. Substrates
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sativaman answered grow question 9 months ago
Almost all substrat can be re-use it really depends on what you used to know what to do to re-use it.
Coco coir degrades over time and rurns into coco peat. Coco peat is too dense, holds too much water and not enough oxygen. However, you can get rid of the peat by rinsing it with a strainer and keep the remaining coir and perlite.
Some medium like clay pebble or hydroton are more simple to re-use.
Soil and living soil should be conditioned with extra amendments, compost and other good stuff.
Promix (peat moss) and rockwool cubes would fall under the non reusable for me.

hope this help
dreambomber week 10 started grow question 9 months ago
Am I flushing right way?
It is only 8 days left till complete 8 weeks of flowering. I did flush them twice. After 3 weeks of flowering, and 3 days ago. Both times spill soil for a long time, until it became fully flooded and after it drained I applied fertilizer. Is it the right way to flush?
Leaves. Tips - Burnt
Other. General questions
Feeding. Schedule
krenoime answered grow question 9 months ago
Flushing is a technique used to wash out of the medium nutrients that have been accumulating during previous weeks of feeding. It is used when too many nutrients have been added to the medium, affecting the plant in negative ways. If you feed your plant the correct amounts of nutrients, there is no need to flush.
dreambomber week 10 started grow question 9 months ago
Should I flush or fertilize till 8th last flowering week?
My plants leaf tips are burnt by fertilizer what could affect buds taste, so my plants might need flushing. Do you really think flushing for 8 days will be beneficial or I could feed them several times more and then flush for 5 days?
Other. General questions
Roots. Other
Feeding. Chemical composition
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The8thChevron answered grow question 9 months ago
If you're sure that you're going to harvest in the next week, you can flush. Right now, the science basically says that it won't change your end result, but it will save you some money on nutes. On your final week, they shouldn't really be taking in much for nutes, so if you want to feed, just do half strength. Flushing too early will starve her when she's fattening up the most.
dreambomber week 11 started grow question 9 months ago
What is the best room for dying?
I want to dry buds in cardboard boxes. I have winter cold balcony, where it's -5-+5C, and 60%RH, living room is +21-24C and 30-40%RH, and bedroom with AC and humidifier, +24-27C and 50-65% RH. Neither is perfect, but I rather pick balcony. Should I be afraid of mildue there?
Other. Harvest - Drying
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Organoman answered grow question 9 months ago
Yes, balcony will not work, far too cold. This would lead to many problems, with the flowers more or less turning into compost rather than drying. And unless you want all your clothes to smell like cannabis, the living room is your best option. Remember, you will need good air circulation for proper drying to occur and putting your flowers in a cardboard box may not be ideal. I don't know how much you have to dry, but I find hanging the branches on wire clothes hangers works well, allowing for excellent air circulation. It is also relatively simple to construct some poles or ropes across the room to hang your wire coat hangers on. Another good option is an indoor clothes drying rack, either to hang the coat hangers on or the branches themselves. Also, try to dry your flowers in dark conditions or away from direct light, as direct light on your flowers when drying or even after they have dried, will cause massive breakdown of the THC.
Hope this helps,... Organoman.
iHateSativa week 16

Happy Smoking My Friend

Doctors_Choice week 16

oh wow! incredible result. Congrats with the harvest. Liked that u decided to give her more time for flowering and she showed great result. This is exotic genetics that doesn't look like mj plant that why this is a real challenge to trim her. Thank you again for your grow - that was an interesting time :blush::pray:


@dreambomber, will follow with great interest. get a real pleasure to see ur diary :pray:


@Doctors_Choice, Yep, Doc! Crop is gorgeous, nevertheless it's small pot vol. I'll try Ogre someday, I guess. :clap:

DoDrugs420 week 16

Slayin it, the best of the best.

Rock_n_Roll_Randy week 16

Mars and advanced nutrients


JBoBz week 16

Really nice colas buddy:100::green_heart:

BigDaddyK week 16

Do you have an extractor fan ?

It looks like it gets hot in there what’s the max temp ?