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16 weeks
Barcelona_Farmers710 Barcelona_Farmers710
+2 strains
10 comments · 2 months ago
Chocolate mint og
18 weeks
Chocolate mint og Rasta_Faraev
Chocolate Mint OG
30 comments · 5 months ago
Green gelato RQS
19 weeks
Green gelato RQS Rasta_Faraev
Green Gelato
36 comments · 4 months ago
2019, Lets get high
18 weeks
2019, Lets get high Jo_syk
+1 strain
25 comments · 1 year ago
Bruce Banner #3 Original Sensible Seeds
16 weeks
Bruce Banner #3 Original Sensible Seeds OGgrows
Bruce Banner #3
28 comments · 4 months ago
Bubba Slush GHSC Contest
18 weeks
Bubba Slush GHSC Contest OGgrows
Bubba Slush
24 comments · 2 weeks ago
2x Gorilla Cookies Auto (Fastbuds420)
13 weeks
2x Gorilla Cookies Auto (Fastbuds420) Pmal027
Gorilla Cookies Auto
22 comments · 3 weeks ago
 Rus.Grower: LSD Barney's Farm
7 weeks
Rus.Grower: LSD Barney's Farm RussianGrower
14 comments · 4 months ago
Purple Lemonade Auto FastBuds
10 weeks
Purple Lemonade Auto FastBuds OGgrows
Purple Lemonade
25 comments · 5 months ago

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The best flowering stimulator I count on and is one of those responsible for increasing the quality of the fruits, because with its amino acids generates hunger in our plants for the flowering process

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3 weeks ago

A friend sugestion. Not desapointing me.

1 month ago

:raised_hands: Excelente Producto

2 months ago

Very good experience

3 months ago

It should not be missing in any grow!

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3 months ago

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