CannaBioGen, renowned for its exceptional cannabis seeds, also offers a range of specialized fertilizers and stimulants tailored for cannabis cultivation. These products are designed to enhance the growth, blooming, and resin production of marijuana plants, ultimately leading to higher quality and quantity yields without relying on chemicals.
One of their flagship products is Delta 9, a flowering stimulator and resin enhancer. It is highly effective in increasing the number of flowers by 30% at the early flowering stage, resulting in longer colas and enhanced fattening at the end. Additionally, Delta 9 can increase resin production by an average of 25%, improving the quality, taste, and strength of the plants. It is typically applied through foliar feeding during the first two weeks of blooming, from the photoperiod change until the first flowers appear.
Another key product in their lineup is Delta 8, which is ideal for the growth stage of cannabis plants. It is a mix of amino acids and vitamins that enhances nutrient uptake and boosts internal plant processes. This leads to healthier plants with a more robust root system, ensuring better nutrient absorption and overall vigor.
Delta 10, a natural fertilizer, is used in conjunction with Delta 9 for flowering. It increases flower yield and fattens the buds significantly. Delta 10 energizes the plant's metabolic system, allowing for better flow of vitamins and natural enzymes, minimizing stress. It contains a natural source of phosphorus and potassium and is applied once the plants start producing flowers.
These CannaBioGen products, particularly Delta 9 and Delta 10, are highly regarded for their ability to produce organic flowers with excellent yield, aroma, and flavor. By offering a comprehensive range of fertilizers and stimulants, CannaBioGen caters to the specific needs of cannabis cultivators, ensuring top-quality results without the use of harmful chemicals

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использую во второй раз, других аналогов для себя пока не вижу.
6 months ago
All what my plant's needs was here :)
7 months ago
Infaltable para comenzar una buena floración
7 months ago
8 months ago
Infaltable para comenzar una buena floración
8 months ago
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do you happen to have a small sample pack of sorts,,at reasonable cost to try for growers