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CHRON1C_K1NG started grow question 5 years ago
Ph ppm and ec droping dnt know why water level has gone down a bit since res change on sat any suggestions would be appreciated
First dwc grow
15 weeks
First dwc grow CHRON1C_K1NG
9 comments · 4 years ago
Week 2
Techniques. Defoliation
BigDaddyK answered grow question 4 years ago
1) the plant will produce acids that will drop the ph , especially in weeks 3-6
2) the plant will eat nutrients dropping the ppm/EC , and drink water for transpiration
3) pull the big fan leaves to get more light to bud sites,
4) is there a fan in the room /tent ?
5) dont worry about pulling off leaves , but always leave at least one inch of stalk , stops bud rot into plants
6) purple stems is more often a genetic factor than a nutrient issue , but can also be caused by cold nights .
7) don't worry :wink:
Removed answered grow question 5 years ago
In DWC pH and PPM fluctuation is normal. let's say you start with water with a pH of 7.5 after you add nutes it's at 6.1 and 500 PPM. If your plants takes water and nutrients in the same ratio, those numbers will remain the same (more or less).
But if your plants take more water than nutes, then the pH in the reservoir will drop as nutrients are more acidic in nature and now there is relatively less water. Let the pH hit 5.5 and top off with either plain water or a more watered down solution than initially.
On the other hand, if your pH is rising, then your plant is taking comparatively more nutrients than water (1st sign that the solution might need to be stronger). Top off with a stronger solution to compensate.
If those changes are happening too fast, then your reservoir is too small.