Suggestions on when to change the water for the fi...

Bub1972started grow question 6 years ago
Suggestions on when to change the water for the first time and add first good dose of nutrients?
Week 2
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Stickanswered grow question 6 years ago
Hi @Bub1972! In hydro setups, the reservoir needs to be fully changed/refreshed every week. Indeed, you can make some daily adjustments (pH up/down to stick in the right pH range) but don't change the water more than once a week, it's going to stress your babies. Now about the nutrients, you can start from week 2, once roots has developed and the seedlings are a few centimeters above the ground. I'd recommend to start with 1/4 or 1/2 of the recommended doses, then you'll see how your plants reacts and you'll be able to increase the nutrients intakes slowly but safely. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing 👊
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OutForRealanswered grow question 6 years ago
Hi there ! It's on you , some are changing their solution weekly , some are waiting 10 days , some are keeping it 2 weeks and adjusting the nutrient level ! But the simple way to do well is to change nuts weekly and if you'v got a garder your old solution will please your plants ! Hope it will help you 👍
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Athosanswered grow question 6 years ago
Changing the water once a week is what most do, specially if your experience with hydroponics is little to non existant. Follow a tried nute schedule and you will do fine
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DudeGrowsWeedanswered grow question 6 years ago
When growing hydroponics you should change the water and nutrients weekly. Your nutrients should have a feeding schedule for each week or each stage of development. But in hydro you should really be feeding nutrients each week until you are ready to flush before harvesting. Good luck!👍
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