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Removed started grow question 4 years ago
Hi everyone,

I am wondering, I have trim the buds let it dry 7days and put it in the jar for curing. I didn't notice any change of the smell how much time do I need to let them before good smell come back ?

Thank you : )
Week 21
Techniques. Defoliation
PaulT answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi, when curing leave the buds to dry until outsides of the buds feel dry and small stems snap and don't make 'strings' then place in a jar and in the beginning open up to twice or three times a day for 30 mins to an hour. Each time you open the jars and feel if outside of buds feel soft and moist again. if the buds are still dry when you open the jar leave it closed for a longer period of time. repeat this process of letting the bud 'soak in its own moisture and letting it dry a little and slowly the smell will develop more and more. After a week or two you should be able to leave the jars closed permanently to prevent dry bud.