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BlckbryGrls started grow question 3 years ago
Ok guys here’s my grow is winding down and will be ready to harvest this weekend (it’s looking that way), what is the BEST process for curing? How long do they need to cure? When will you know there done, etc...this is the only part I’m unsure about
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OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! 15 days is the minimum for a curing and you can keep your weed as long as you want : I will smoke some february and june buds on new year eve The key is to open your jar daily during 15 min each day during at least a month ( some says 15 days , I prefer a month) then after that month open the jar every weeks or 2 weeks during 5 to 15 min. And do the best manicure as possble , I noticed that my well manicured buds last longer than my buds with some leaves on. If you can add a Boveda humidity pack 58% or 62% in the jab then it's better to keep a constant humidity level. I hope it will help you :grin::+1:
HighTV answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there @BlckbrGrls once you have finished dying, the best curing method in my opinion is buying "Boveda 62%" packs (linked at the end) and placing them in jars with your bud. These guys do ALL the work for you keeping the humidity at exactly 62% for the entire curing process its really that simple. Which btw to answer your question lasts anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months depending on your preference. The longer they cure the more they smell and better they taste! (

Heres that link!


Happy curing :sunglasses:
Green_Friends_Inc answered grow question 3 years ago
Once completely dry, place in jars. Place jars away from heat and light. Over course of 2-4 weeks jars are "burped" or opened and let out gasses to allow fresh air inside. Little pockets of the expelled gas sometimes stuck inside of buds, under curled leaves, etc that's why movement helps. Tip: the More jars the better. You can consolidate after cured. During curing I fill no more than 50% of volume of jars.

BeefWellingtons answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello, that is a good question...I have asked it on my grow as well. I like all the other feedback provided by the other answers. I want to tell you what I did. So first, you cut down your plant and remove all the large fan leaves. I leave the sugar leaves on. Keep them on the stalk too. Hang it up in a cool dark area. You want light air movement, just nothing blowing directly on the plant. Ideal temp should be around 70f or 21c. You also want this in complete darkness. Humidity should be around 45-60. Your reported 53 is fine. You are going to want to keep them in this state for around a week. Now the longer you hang em, the better but the dryness will tell you when they are ready. Smaller twigs will have an audible snap. I however had to modify it by putting my branches into paper bags after a few days as I have higher heats and my buds were drying too quick. After 3 days or so of hanging, I put them into paper bags and kept moving them around, rotating the branches inside the bag about twice a day. I did that for about 3 days, then trimmed them up (remove the bigger sugar leaves and cut bud away from stem) and put into mason jars. I burp (open the jar and remove lid) them every day for 15 min or so. I do this in a dark area, remember that once your plant is harvested, light will degrade thc. If your plant smells like hay, that means it still has chlorophyll in it and need more drying and/or curing. Keep an eye out for mold, it will look white and should be obvious when observed. I also use boveda 62% packs when I have cured for a month or so. There are also numerous videos on YouTube and all the seed companies on here offer directions as well. I would investigate more of these to get a general idea if you have other questions. Good luck and congratulations on your harvest!
Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @BlckbryGrls! Before the curing process you need to make sure that your buds have correctly dried. Under-drying will ruin the final product by making it unsmokable and this may lead to mold/rot. Over-drying will also affect the final product, because you will loose most of the terpenes and potency, however this is easier to fix (by re-humidifying the buds). Now regarding the curing process, jars are the best way to go, avoid paper or plastic bags because they will increase the risk of mold. I use 1L jars in transparent glass, I fill them up to ~60% because some air must remain in the jars, especially for the first weeks of the process. In case of transparent jars, you must protect them from any source of light, so I keep them in a closet. I open the jars everyday (5-10 mins), then I move the buds and look for mold/mildew, then I re-lay the jar upside-down in the closet. This daily opening process lasts for 2 weeks, then it becomes a monthly process. I usually keep on curing for 2 to 3 months, but you can cure up to 6 months. I don't use Boveda Packs because I usually have the right amount of relative humidity, plus I'm not a fan of its chemical composition (potassium citrate monohydrate + xanthan gum). It's a game of patience and surveillance. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date, and enjoy your harvest :facepunch:
The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
There's lots of different methods to curing . People often times will save themselves 1 step by doing a wet trim when they harvest the plant . From there they are either hung up to dry or placed in a drying rack for 4-6 days until you hear a nice crunchy sound when you touch the buds . If they just turn to dust you have waited to long if you've done it right you will hear a crunch sound but it will go back to its original shape . From here you can place them in jars this is were you're going to get the most from you're cure in the sense of aroma , flavour and potency so you wanna take your time and do it properly . Once you have placed your cannabis flowers in a sealed jar open the jar 1-2x a day and check the buds if they are soaked take the out of the jar place them on a flat surface and wait for the crunchy sound to come back . It won't take days this time but only 1-2 hours instead once they are crunchy again place them back into the jars and repeat the process till you find that all the moisture has been pushed out from the centre of the bud outwards . You can also get little humidity controllers for your jars , you can get them in different % and you can get them in a variety of places they are called bodeva humidity controllers , the ones your are trying to get are 50-62% . I would firstly check your local hydroponics store for some and if you cant get them there amazon and ebay have them for sure . They are pretty cost effective and help if you dont always have the time to check on your jars to burp them . Curing can take some time it all depends on how you wanna smoke and how dense the buds are denser the bud longer the cure . I hope this information helps you in understanding all the various options you have when it comes time to curing time . -Happy Growing!
DasBoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey BBG, this is what i do : everything is important during the cure, starting with the drying, you want to time your last watering based on your humidity, more humid the longer you want to leave it before the chop, the drier it is the less you want to leave it before the chop. Just before the chop, try to get 12/14 hours of dark, that's because photosynthesis chemicals taste terrible, this will help reduce these to a minimum. Once it's chopped you want to hang the whole plant upside down. As it's drying you should check up on it, see if it's ready once you pluck buds and they snap off the stem audibly. Then it's all about the manicure and cure. I prefer using miron glass jars because they let in the right kind of light and that does help. Basically the first week or two you want to "inspect your buds" daily by taking out all the bud and giving it an eyeball then back into the jars. After about a week or so of inspection you can add boveda packs which also really help with the curing. I use 62% , but I'll try the 58% stuff next time. What is curing ? basically you're trying to get all the garbage chemicals out of the weed so it tastes nice. Curing is over once the bud reaches around 50% humidity, or when you take the boveda packs out basically. So inspect for two weeks, then after that you only really need to inspect once a week. a full curing "program" can take 6 weeks , two weeks daily inspection, 4 weeks weekly inspection. but you can let it go on longer if you want ! Hope this helps ! :rocket:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Put them in jars. Open them daily for an hour. The effect of curing diminish with time. I would cure at least 2 months, that will have the most effect. After that you can open the jars weekly up to 6 months. You can continue to cure, but the effect will be minimal. There's also a thing called boveda packs that you can place in the jars that maintain the humidity at the optimal value of 62%. Look for them in Amazon