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BloodBath started grow question 3 years ago
How do I obtain bigger colas on my flowering plants Skywalker OG and Northern Lights? Is it too late since I’m 5 weeks into flowering? Should I give it more phosphorus? What should I do for now and in the future? Thank you :pray::skin-tone-2:
Week 11
Techniques. Defoliation
Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @BloodBath! Unfortunately there's no 'magic-trick', only a combination of knowledge, good equipment, good care and much love. As you may know, cannabis plants are just like us: they need sun+food+water+air. If only one of these parameters is not perfectly adjusted, yield will be affected. You currently need to identify what parameter is wrong in your setup, I personnaly ran through some similar issue in the past, when I was growing with only 1 COB light above my canopy. After a few runs I identified the lighting as being my main failing parameter. From what I can see on your pictures and what I can read on the informations you shared, there are some obvious reasons for slow growth / slow bud fattening. 1/ Your pH is almost neutral, whereas you need it a bit acidic, try to stick to a ~6.2 pH range, roots will manage nutrient intakes easily this way. 2/ Your light is not big enough for 2 plants, I can see some dark spots all around the plants, coverage is bad, plants don't get enough light. Consider buying a second lamp or changing your whole setup for an efficient one (QuantumBoards or LED strips are one of the best options nowadays). 3/ Your feeding schedule is very weird, what schedule are you following? The solution you give to your babies shouldn't be the result of randomness, you must stick to a tested-and-approved feeding schedule, try to start with the manufacturer's schedule and divide the recommended doses by 2. If plants look healthy, slowly increase the doses. 4/ Your containers are small for photoperiodic strains, after 6 weeks of veg they could have enjoyed bigger pots, at least ~11 L / 3 Gals. 5/ Plants did spend a lot of energy into vertical stretching, probably because of the poor light penetration and/or a high plant-to-lamp distance. That energy could have been used in bud fattening and resin production in a perfect environment.... I really hope this will help you to identify what's wrong in here, we'll be here to help again if needed, so keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
LongJohn420 answered grow question 3 years ago
P-K booster + defoliation good easy to remember combo for bigger buds. I used to get nice but small nuggets in my plants but after I started to give Bloombastick pk booster have gotten my first whats you might call colas also defoliating have been very useful and for is too late I think not. Maybe loose some smaller branches that don't get much light and take long time to ripen. Then plant will take it's energy to bigger nugs on top of the plant.
Hope this helps! Looking good dude!
Happy grows and sunny springtime!
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Have you considered CO2 for a fast boost? Since you're in such a late stage. Could use a little dry ice and water.
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there, so giving it the higher P and K values are always good for bud production. Cleaning up the bottoms of any small plant matter is probably a huge thing you can do to help the plant gets those big main colas. Don't use up useless energy down at the bottom. Various bloom enhancers like terpinator can help. And then ensuring good strong quality light.
Ps. Blsckstrap molasses can be a good natural bulk/sweetener and can be used up to the end.
:v:happy flowering
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Before going into specifics, there's a few general tips: first fill as much info in this diaries as you can; second, do enter the correct data as it’s clear you are not using a 600 watt HID, but some led panel since HID light is not purple, or that you are feeding a nute cocktail with a PPM that’s obviously above 0, or that the first two weeks you were using a party cup and not a 2 gallon pot. As it is I have to disregard most of the info you are providing since I just can’t tell what’s actually true from what’s not.
I’m not trying to be an ass, but with so many wrong or false information, we will be giving most likely be giving advice that can be harmful.
As for what you can improve. There’s clear indication that you have been regularly overwatering, which comes from using a pot too big for the plant (puffy leaves, droopy plants), going from a party cup to 2 gallon pots was too much, next time, go to a 1 gallon pots first. Get an EC/PPM meter and always measure your feeding / watering. Third, learn to train the plant, the idea is to form an even canopy of colas; as it is, the lower colas will not amount to anything been so far away from the light; now that we come to this part… sorry Bulbi, but you are confused as hell (or really high), bending the plant without damaging it is called Low Stress Training (LST, not HST); HST stands for High Stress Training, which groups all kind of techniques that involves damaging the plant in some form like: TOPing (removing the main shoot, to promote even side colas to form); super cropping (when you crush a still flexible stem with your fingers without breaking the outer skin, in order to bend too tall colas in sharp angles of 90° or so). Also don’t fool around with the light schedule, that’s a sure way to get your plant to go hermy. Keeping your temperatures above 23°C (73°F) will really speed up the growth rate of the plant; below that threshold the growing slows down to a crawl.
Remember that the most weight gain happens in the last two weeks of flower, so be patient.
HighTV answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there @BloodBath Are you asking about bigger individual Colas or more overall cola weight? In general the best way to acquire bigger individual colas is to defoliate very well and give enough light to make sure the plant doesn't stretch. This will allow light to reach the bottom of the plant and force colas to stack/grow into each-other so the finals buds are massive. If you want a bigger yield or overall weight then I recommend you train your plant to have a more even canopy by Low stress training, Topping, or Supercropping. Then once you have trained the plant with one of these 3 techniques you SCROG it. You already have a scrog so that's a good start, but unfortunately you didn't utilize it with a training technique and the top node took off out of control. Next time use one of these 3 and weave the stems into that SCROG you will see you yield increase a ton! I hope that helps. Feel free to ask anymore questions you may have about increasing buds. :sunglasses:
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey man, there's a few things you can do to get fatter buds. First thing is to wait for the bud to get fat, simple as that : just wait and see another 4 weeks maybe more. The problem with apex dominance is that with the main cola so much bigger than the rest, it's difficult to measure where your light should be if you measure the top of the main cola or the top of the canopy. So what you can do is so called HST, you basically bend until just before a full a crack/snap the stem, sort of break it, then make a bandage with some duct tape. Seems crazy but what happens is the plant thinks it's being attacked and send energy to that part which will make it fat. Third thing you can do is so called "super cropping", playing with the light schedule (re-veg, then re-flower, re-veg then reflower again) and it confuses the plant so it starts to stretch, get big and it helps make bigger buds. Anyway what you for sure cant do is compensate with too many nutrients. think of nutrients like a bullseye not a status bar, you cant give too little cant give to much, but obviously nutrients do help. right now you're good bro so you don t want to over do it. What you can do though is add a chelation agent like enzymes or like humic and fluvik mix, that chelation agent is the magic juice that no one will tell you about bro - what it does it breaks down the nutrients so they become more available to the roots and helps get that fat bud you want ... hope this helps ! :rocket: